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03-16-2011, 10:00 PM
By now all of us have seen the devastation that has occured the past years not only here in the US but around the world from the Tsunami in Bande Ache to the massive earthquakes in Haiti, Christ Church, New Zeland, Japan and to all the countries around the world suffering from what ever natural disasters may have occured including the ones right here in our own country.......I myself have donated all my paypal proceeds to the American Red Cross, Hands on Tokyo, Global Giving and Save the Children....I know that not all feel the same way I do but when I look at all the money I spend on cards and stuff that really I mean what good will it really do me except for the collecting aspect and hobby fun of it, I am not saying stop collecting or doing what we love because god knows I love this hobby what I am saying is just take a moment to see that we all I mean every single person around the world live on the same planet as large as it may be we are all neighbors. And I am not talking about the thieves, terrorist, thugs and people who try to cause harm but the ones who have no control over what happens or don't have the means to do or take care of themselves or their families.

We are very blessed no matter how much we may not like how our government does things or how certain government angencies handle or interfere with our everdays lives, we have it pretty good compaired to a lot of countries. I have lived in places like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia and I have been blessed enough to see countries like Israel, Egypyt, England, France, Spain, Haiti, Greece, Turkey and Italy yes I was in the military. But when I look at my wife and daughter I thank god for every thing I have and for the great country we live in, the fact that I have a great job and am able to provide for my family the things that we sometimes take for granted like shelter, clothes, food and transportation. It just amazes me when I see all the money I spend on a piece of cardboard and I am talking thousands of dollars a year for stuff that for the most part I put in boxes and look at maybe once a year and then I see people who live in countries where they don't have food, clothing shelter or even the use of a restroom or sanitary conditions period, a clinic or medical facility if they are sick or injured and I realize that yes I am lucky and if I can help out a little to take care of a homeless family during the holidays or donating my clothes that I never wear to a local charity or giving the $50 I would go spend on a box of cards to the American Red cross or any other reputable charity that it makes me feel really good and it makes me feel better than ripping a box of cards. So I pledge that I will stop being so selfish and do more to help the less fortunate, that doesn't mean I am stopping my collecting it means I am going to stop taking for granted what I have been blessed with and I am going to take time to help those in need not just in the United States but around the world.....

I hope more of my fellow SCF members will do the same......

04-20-2011, 06:59 PM
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