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04-09-2011, 04:29 PM
I dont know the proper place to put this but it seems there are quite a few of you on here who collect silver so I figured I would put it here. Even if you dont collect silver but want good trade bait all of these codes provided are well under their market value.


American Rifelman Magazine
First National Reserve
1-2011 SAE $32.50 Free S&H
Vault# NAMHURS 0411


2X 2011 ASE For $33 each Free S/H

OPTIONAL Bonus offer!
1/10 AGE for $155 also Free S/H

Limit is 2 ASEs per household. 1-800-459-2646 Vault #UNSMXGS0411

The offer is on the back of Newsmax magazine.

On the above deal the silver is way under spot and the gold is just above it. However the gold carries a nice premium for fractional.


$ 55 for two silver dollars shipped (peace and morgan).


Department n5162
Item 44309


2011 1 oz Silver Canadian Grizzly $40.00
Free Shipping,
Limit One Per Household,
Expires 05/15/2011


Vault Verification: UINTLSB0311


*Expires 4/15/2011*

2011 ASE for $32.50 (advertised inside April issue of American Rifleman)

Universal Coin & Bullion
Vault #: UAMRFRS0411
Free Shipping (signature required)
Limit One Order Per Household

04-09-2011, 04:31 PM
For those of you who havent bought from phone orders just call the number provided (1-800-xxx-xxxx) and tell them you want to purchase a Silver Eagle or Grizzly, whichever is noted and they will walk you through the steps. Very easy. They will ask for the vault code so make sure you have it.

BE WARNED! They will send you junk mail. If this bothers you, do not call.

Side note: I get absolutely nothing from this. No referrals etc. Im just forwarding ads to help you guys out.