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We’ve almost given up a few years ago thinking that this hobby would not have a magazine that we could all look forward to. One with educational articles covering many subject matters and especially one who would not take advertisements from criminal types. One advertiser actually spent time in prison for an autograph related incident. Many innocent readers have been hurt by trusting some advertisers in the old magazine.

Arrived is our copy of Volume #1, Issue #1, March 2011 of the hobby’s only professional magazine on autographs: Autograph Quarterly.

Upon lifting the envelope we thought their might be two or three issues enclosed. We were wrong, one issue, quite heavy in weight and as we look through, quite heavy in content.

We discovered, lucky for the advertisers, that approximately 8,500 copies of this issue were printed and mailed. The cover is rich in color and proudly states, in this issue you will find an in depth Michael Jackson Signature-Analysis (that can save you thousands of dollars) written by non other than the noted in person collector, Nelson Deedle. Also mentioned on the cover is an article on Stonewall Jackson by n Civil War experts Brian and Maria Green.

Begin to immerse yourself as this magazine begins with an Editorial Brief followed by three pages of “The Publisher’s Two-Cents Worth.”

You are invited to rediscover and reconnect to what this hobby was like two decades ago. Inside this wonderful treasure trove of information is 28 different and interesting articles covering many fields of collecting. From five pages of information about several presidents and the Dalai Lama signing a most unusual book (and probably a first for him) a Holy Bible to articles on baseball by non other than the industries most respected expert on Baseball Hall of Fame signatures, Ron Keurajian. For those interested in boxing, Mother Teresa, Bad Boys of the USA, Tony Blair, Heads of State, Richard P. Feynman: Scientifically Speaking, and Muhammad Ali, this issue will excite you. All articles are written by industry professionals and experts.

There’s so much more, such as For The Love of the Hobby, U.S. Historic Highlights, How I obtained President Bill Clinton’s Autograph, The Autograph Authenticator Report, Ten Quick Tips To Avoiding Forgeries, The Official Autograph Price guide, Collector’s Bookshelf, Celebrity Autograph Conventions, Signs of the Times, Signature Reference Guide and one of our favorites for reference In Memoriam.

This edition has a tribute and a two page dedication to Charles Hamilton. Also most interesting is the early support of International writers Tove Myhr from Norway, Santosh Kumar Lahoti from India and Dr. Zoltan Marian from Hungary.

Refreshing for all we have spoken to is the publisher is focusing on taking ads only from professional dealers with a proven track record. A noted forger and two companies who claim to authenticate autographs but have a bad track record were denied advertising space.

For those of you who have missed Issue #1, the first 1500 copies were numbered and signed by the CEO of Star Wares. The special, color limitation page was devoted to The Mummy Returns. The page also contains a Certificate of Authenticity stating that the one inch cloth affixed to the page is a portion of cloth used in the Universal Studios film The Mummy Returns.

Autograph collectors and dealers who are determined to continue to educate themselves will find Autograph Quarterly a newly discovered diamond mine. A long awaited collector’s item.

The publishers are looking for those who have a genuine expertise on a specific subject to submit articles that may be of interest to the International autograph community.

Because of many of the comments emailed to www.autographalert.com (http://www.autographalert.com), it’s obvious the new magazine is a big hit with both collectors and dealers. Some wonderful compliments are all those who received Issue #1 and contacted the magazine for additional copies.

Below are just a sampling of emails we have received regarding Issue #1.

“Just received the first issue of Autograph Quarterly, lucky me, I was one of the first 1500 and it looks great. It’s going to take me awhile to read this ‘book’. Bible story was really fun reading. I haven’t even finished reading the first issue and can’t wait for the next!.” Charles, New Jersey

"Vol. #1, Issue#1 was a bit hit in our home, the articles are fascinating. The limited edition containing original Mummy cloth is worth the price of the whole years subscription..... Philip, New York

“Thanks to your site I learned about the new magazine Autograph Quarterly. A pleasant surprise has arrived, the very first issue. The magazine is filled with wonderful articles and packed with information. This looks to be a needed reference for any collector. Some nice exemplars and reference studies…keep up the great work and thank you once again for the great site”. David, Texas

“..I just received my issue of Autograph Quarterly and I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with it. I had to go to church last night but once I got home it was to bed and reading. I thoroughly enjoyed Koschal’s article about his Bible and I have to admit that is a good idea to have presidents sign. It was quite impressive the amount of work he did in obtaining the signatures. I also loved the fact that not every page was a full page advertisement or an auction. It is truly refreshing to have an actual magazine to read with real articles. Thanks so much for steering me in the right direction as I would never have known about this magazine…” Richard, New Jersey

“…unbelievable and about time. Just what this hobby needed, finally a friendly magazine with the hobby’s best interests in mind. Count me in as a writer…” William, Nebraska

“Wow! Impressive! I love it”. Sandra, Illinios

“Cool. Much needed magazine, I wish it and it’s publishers and contributors the best of luck. A much needed improvement for the hobby of autographs..” Paul, California

“a fabulous volume for a first issue..have no suggestions for improvement other than it has to go monthly..” John, Connecticut

“Volume number one has arrived, I’m excited and want to order three extra copies…” Klaus, Germany

“Finally something to look forward to. I dropped my subscription to the old autograph magazine for several reasons. Inaccurate articles, advertisements by some who should probably be doing time, attacks on reputable persons shockingly by the magazine own publisher and more. Volume #1 of Autograph Quarterly was a shocker, much more than I ever expected from a new publication. My hats off to the publishers”. Michael, New Hampshire

For more information about writing for the magazine, subscribing or taking an ad go to www.autographquarterly.com (http://www.autographquarterly.com/)http://www.autographalert.com/news.html

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