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05-06-2011, 05:49 PM
This is my counterpoint to my other article that had far too many negative connotations for me.I've been collecting for more time than I care to remember,thru the time I went to summer camp only to realize Mom had thrown my collection away,thanks Mom,only negative for this article I promise.I got my start innocently enough in my elementary school yard,I was a short awkward 8 year old that got picked on alot.I realized that there were always a bunch of kids hanging out flipping cards and nobody ever bothered them,so I went into their little circle of friends to see what it was they were doing.One of the kids,his name was Frank showed me the ropes of collecting and flipping.He was savvy too,he had the foresight to trade 15 commons for any Mantle cards he saw,and most of the kids bit,I wish I could find him to see how much he finally made off of all the Mantles he acquired.

I really didn't get heavily into collecting until the mid 90's when I worked in Manhattan,there were actually street vendors who sold packs and boxes of cards.I became real good friends with this one older guy Max,he always gave me great prices and everytime a company gave him free samples he always saved a couple for me.I made some friends at his stand and it caused my lunch hour to run long many a time just shooting the breeze with other collectors while opening a few packs,fun times for sure.

I met my wife through our respective jobs and she is from Mississippi.She moved to New York in 1993 and was always the rock behind my collecting habit,she would make sure I stayed within budget and would always seem to find great deals at the card shows we went to.In 2000 her parents were getting up in years so we moved to Mississippi,fortunately we left in February of 2001,right before 09/11 as my wife's building was right next to the twin towers.

Now comes the rewarding part of my collecting saga.I had no hobby shops to go to and no more street vendors,what was I to do.On valentines day of 2004 I was at home looking at my cards thinking there has to be a way to get in touch with other collectors.I logged onto my computer and typed in sportscards,the first name that came up was sportscardforum.com.I started reading the breaks and articles and I knew I had to join.

I've now been a member for over 7 years,I believe my 3rd year in I was asked to become a moderator which I gladly accepted.I've made some great friends on this site and I hope along the way I've helped out alot of fellow collectors.My first couple of trades were with Tutall and Andrewcstein,who I'm happy to say are still top notch and whom I consider true friends.

I've met so many cool people that it would be hard to mention all of them without leaving anyone out,guys and gals you know who you are and I appreciate the collecting comaraderie.I know many of us collectors have our hard edge to us but it only comes with the territory as we all don't want to seem like pushovers,but with that being said when push comes to shove we will trade that high end card from our no trade list to help out a fellow collectors pc.In closing hope to see you guys and gals around the forums,and remember if you need anything I'm only a pm away,have a great collecting day,take care Steve

05-07-2011, 05:41 PM
good stuff Steve! Here is the posted version: http://www.sportscardforum.com/articles/2011/05/our-hobby-how-rewarding-it-can-be/

05-11-2011, 09:52 AM
Great article! Ive met quite a few of my better friends trading online and a few I still keep in contact with even though we went our seperate ways on our collections (they stayed with tcg's I came back to my first "love", sports cards, lol). As a kid card trading was how I made friends also, I used to have all my friends over every saturday night when we were like 10-12 and we'd go through eachothers collections and trade for hours. A few of those childhood friends are still around and now like my brothers. The negitave aspect of this hobby does get a ton of publicity, and rightly so, who wouldnt want to know about a guy ripping people or consistantly sending damaged cards, ect. ect., but the reason I believe so many of us hold onto this hobby is all the good people you meet through your years chasing those elusive pieces of cardboard. :D

Ray Rice Collector
05-12-2011, 11:24 PM
CamaroPat I agree with you that alot of us stay in the hobby because of the friends that we have made. I too started out in the school yard but I was the card shop. I would buy guys whole collection or hit the local card shop and get tons of stuff that people wanted and sell it at book value. It was so prosperous that our school banned cards and mine got taken and someone stole a couple of gran from a locked room in the school and thats when I slowed down. I thought that was the worse thing in the world at time. Then probaly like 2006 I got back in and I was able to find the cards that were taken from me at a great price. So yes we do make life long friends and I still have trade night at my house lol.