View Full Version : Rod Carew minor league glove

05-08-2011, 06:55 PM
I was recently the best man in a friends wedding and afterwords he told me he had something for me. Today after church he gave me the last glove that Rod Carew used in the minor leagues when he played with the Wilson Tobs in 1966. My friend wrote for the local paper when Carew was there. Upon leaving Wilson he gave my friend his glove and told him to "Learn how to use it as well as you write. You are a good, fair and responsible writer". He got pretty close to him and they would often sit and talk in the dugout during the season. He told me that now he regrets not getting it signed. I hope he comes to NC, VA or SC to a show in the future so I can get it signed. I have alot of memorbilia but this definitely is one of the tops in my collection now.