View Full Version : Looking for Star Trek cards, some for trade.

Scottish Punk
05-15-2011, 03:45 PM
Looking for:

Next generation
Season 1 set
Season 2 - 114,140,148,156,172,180,189,197,204
Season 6 set
Inserts - S4,S5,S6,S10,S11,S12,S17,S22,S29,S34,S35,S36
Quotable inserts - ST7, TV1,TV2,TV3,TV4,TV5,TV6,TV8,TV9
quotable costumes Q2,Q3,Q4,Q5,Q6
Any quotable style auto

Deep space nine
Quotable inserts - DS1,DS3,DS5,DS7,TV1,TV2,TV4,TV5,TV7,TV8,TV9
quotable costumes Q2,Q3,Q4,Q5,Q6,Q7
Any quotable style auto

Next generation
Various base from seasons 2,3,4,5,7
Inserts S7,S8,S9,S15,S19,S26,S27,S38,S42
Qoutable comic insert CB2,CB2,CB6
Sketchafex sketch card of the enterprise
Qoutable costume Q1 Picard
Various quotable base

Deep space nine
Various quotable base
Quotable comic insert CB5,CB6
Deep space nine insert DST07
deep space ccg promo Sela devious schemer
Quotable costume C9 sisko
Quotable costume C21 promenande banner
Andrew Koenig autograph