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05-15-2011, 09:36 PM
New Website Helps Collectors and the Hobby
Wow! Have you seen this fairly new web site, www.autographnewslive.com (http://www.autographnewslive.com/)? Thanks go out to one of our readers for notifying us about this site. From what we can see, this site allows anyone to log on and ask the autograph collecting community any questions they may have about an individual autograph, a dealer or auction house. We have read many of the questions and it’s plain to see the responses are quick and enlightening.

http://www.autographalert.com/jfk_dsc.jpgFor an example, one of interest was put up by someone asking what the readers thought of a certain John F. Kennedy signature (right). The signature was illustrated and within hours the collecting community responded and everyone one said the signature was bad, terrible, a forgery, etc.

Then the submitter shocked everyone and finally identified who the seller was of the John F. Kennedy signature. Well the word “shocked” maybe too strong but for sure it was most interesting who the seller is and was almost expected. The blog on the JFK signature is well worth reading as well as all the other questions and answers.

Interesting, unlike other sites, little or nothing is taken down by the moderator. It appears to be an honest site, followed and supported by genuine experts.

A latest addition is that the new and very successful trade magazine Autograph Quarterly has endorsed this new site.

If you have a question about autograph collecting or just want to keep abreast of the hobby we suggest you log onto www.autographnewslive.com (http://www.autographnewslive.com/)