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05-15-2011, 09:40 PM
James Spence/John Reznikoff
The COA Insanity Continues Authenticates a Zachary Taylor Secretarial Signature on Land Grant as Genuine
First we want to thank all the collectors who emailed us regarding the latest pathetic inexcusable mistake made by James Spence and his group who issued another worthless Certificate of Authenticity.

This example is presently up for bids on a place called Clean Sweep Auctions. It’s obvious this auction house does little or no research and simply accepts items based on the fact it comes with some silly worthless COA. An extremely dangerous practice and not in the best interests of collectors and the entire hobby.

Clean Sweep is offering a Land Grant they say is signed by President Zachary Taylor. For those with the very basic knowledge in presidential autographs, you know there’s no need to look further. No way is this thing genuine. It is a well-known and well-documented fact that Zachary Taylor did not sign Land Grants. The auction house has an asking price of $1,000.00.

Colllectors with the minimum, basic knowledge of presidential signatures will know the signature on this document is NOT GENUINE. Then comes into the picture of James Spence and his staff. Does everyone remember the interview with Spence where he says before he issues a COA his whole staff has to approve of the signature?

Let’s take a look at his staff and who on there would deal in presidential signatures. Just look at the names, John Reznikoff, Herman Darvick and Bob Eaton. These are the names associated with James Spence Authentication that would have to had looked at this Taylor document before Spence would issue his COA. http://www.autographalert.com/zachtaylor_ds.jpg The Document Signed for Taylor by a Secretary http://www.autographalert.com/zachtaylor_dsig.jpg A closer look at the Secretary's Signature Over and over and over we “follow the leader” (Spence’s words not ours) down the path to a mistake that even a novice would not make.

Simply another example of how some uneducated collector wasted his money for a COA on what Spence will likely say “it’s just our opinion!”check it out more from jsa-

07-02-2011, 03:21 AM
The problem is man your playing devils advocate you dont know how Spence works and this is why PSA is so messed up, they have authenticators but they dont have them authenticating the right things, I told you, at least iam 99 percent positvie I did, I used to cert for PSA , I got my certificate to certify autograhs, and if something was in the least bit questionable, I felt bad for the person but I had to send it back.

The thing is Spence mad the system and PSA still uses it, Look PSA works now by the more money you spend, the more they will cert for you. Like how do these companies cert an AL Pacino graph, well technically under the rules your not supposed to, a few other people are like that, yet you see them certed anyways. Honestly in my opinion Global has stepped up big time, JSA is second and PSA is last just because I know what goes on behind the scenes. I mean you ever want to know how it fully works ask me, I just cant fully blast them on here, it wouldnt be right.

So with that said people certing stuff they know nothing about is not right. I would never be called upon to cert a presidents autograph, or any document like that, I was strictly sports and thats it.

07-02-2011, 11:54 PM
I would really be interested to know how the PSA/DNA under layings operate and how one would become an authenticator. Also whats the story with the Al Pachino auto's or was it just an example?

07-03-2011, 02:32 AM
Yah it was just an example, what do you want to know, pm me

07-03-2011, 02:52 AM
i am wonderin the same thing. how does one become an authenticator and how psa operates?

07-03-2011, 03:12 AM
Pm me