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06-23-2011, 08:49 AM
For years, I have wanted to do what so many other collectors across the world have wished to do. Create a set of sports cards for a major manufacturer and here is my opportunity to at least be heard by other collectors and possibly receive feedback.

To begin, this set would be a basketball card set only. With that stated, I would assemble a panel of several expert NBA analysts who would vote and determine who have been the top 20 players, at each position, to play the game of professional basketball, making for a total of 100 players.

All players, active or retired, would be considered eligible as this wouldn’t be open only to past players. The only thing that would matter in the end is whether or not each player, deserves a spot in the top 20 of their position played.

To determine these top players, analysts would compare career statistics and individual achievements to decide who truly have been the hardwood king’s. In addition, analysts would also view video highlights from each candidate that would display some of their signature moves and defining moments in their careers. This would allow the panel to relive moments in time that couldn’t otherwise be defined through statistics and sheets of paper.

A question that might arise is, what about the players who play, or have played, more then one position? This is where our experts flash into action! Our experts will decide which position these types of players were or are, most dominant at.

Now, let’s talk about the cards themselves a bit. The card set itself would actually feature six parts to it. Each of the first five parts would consist of the determined 20 greatest players from each of the five respected positions played in the game, point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center.

The sixth part to this set, consisting of 25 cards, would require the great minds of our analysts in deciding which 25 currently active players, who did not make the top 20 of their respected positions, have the best chance of doing so in the future. This sixth part, would likely only consist of young players who still have a good shot at achieving an All-Star selection, MVP award, championship or other star level accomplishment.

The layout of each card will be printed from left to right. Featured on the right hand side of each card will be a square shaped, game worn, jumbo sized patch swatch of that particular player. For any player that a patch swatch is not available, a jersey swatch will be substituted.

Beneath the swatch, will be the set name, “Noble Monuments”, as well as the manufacturer logo.

In addition to the game used aspect of the card, each player will autograph the lower left hand side of the card. Above the autograph, in small font, will read the players name and position played and above this will feature a photograph of the player performing one of his most famous moves.

For any player that is currently deceased, instead of an autograph, there will be an additional swatch of game used material included in the spot where the autograph would normally be placed.

My last thoughts on deceased players, included in this set, are that I’d really like to do something special to honor them and display the human side of these men and not just the basketball side. My idea would be that a close relative, whether it be the player’s son, daughter, brother or sister for example, would write a paragraph to be featured on the back of the card, speaking about a great quality, fact or aspect about the individual that fans would never otherwise know about.

As for the back side of the rest of the cards in the set, they would feature a paragraph summarizing the accomplishments of that particular player. In addition, the serial number will also be included on the back of the card at the bottom, along with the certificate of authenticity information.

Finally, onto the grand finale! On the back of each card, you will find something special only to this set. It will be a code that you will be able to use at the card manufactures’ website giving you the chance to win a serial numbered one of one, 8x10 trading card, randomly featuring six of the 125 players in the set, one from each position and one from the sixth spot of the other 25 players. This giant sized card will contain a huge game used swatch and autograph from each player.

At this point, if you are a card manufacturer, you’re probably thinking that this project is going to cost a fortune between the players’ autographs and game used materials to hiring the perfect team of analysts.

The solution that I propose consists of a few different components.

First of all, it goes without saying that this set would be incredible based on the research and time put into it alone. It would have collector’s worldwide completely on edge to see what sort of results the panel of analysts came up with as well as the finished product.

Second, it would be safe to say that every collector who could afford it, would feel determined to purchase at least one pack of these cards.

Most importantly, the cards in this set would be serial numbered to only 999 each, meaning only 124,975 cards would exist from this set.

Each pack would contain three cards, equaling 41,625 packs and each box would contain 3 packs, equaling 13,875 boxes.

When I began to think of ideas for this set, I immediately knew that my first personal priority was to attempt to create the most unforgettable and supreme product ever offered to the basketball trading card market. In addition, I was hopeful to create something unique in subtle ways at the least and hoped to have achieved that much with what I have done here.

06-24-2011, 07:01 AM
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