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07-06-2011, 11:24 PM
Throw It Back!
Throw it back! Throw it back! One of the most enduring lines from sports cinema shows young Henry Rowengardner being pressured by the crowd to return a home run ball in the film Rookie of the Year. The young teen gives in to the crowd and launches the ball back onto the field where it lands in the catcher’s mit and the story goes on from there. Not exactly the focal point of the movie, but I will examine the thought process behind this act as a basis for a potential sportscradforum.com contest.
Sports give us some of our greatest memories. I will never forget watching Rod Woodson return a 98 yard interception against the Denver Broncos in 2002 and I have chosen to attach a photo of this moment to a pair of shoulder pads I wear to Raiders games. I also have photos of Jerry Rice and Lincoln Kennedy hoisting the Lamar Hunt trophy hanging on my bedroom wall. And I will forever enjoy watching clips of career catch number 1,000 for Tim Brown. These are a few ways I commemorate my teams’ triumphs. My list could go on to include the numerous autographs and game used cards I have collected. It’s easy to find ways to remember the good old days for my team. It’s a slightly more difficult task to find ways to get over a tough loss. What can I do to erase the tuck rule? I am often haunted by this game in magazines and on NFL Network. Though I was not alive to witness the immaculate reception I feel as though I’ve suffered almost as much from those highlights as I have form watching Woodson’s strip go for naught. I cannot even begin to comprehend how excruciating it would be to watch the missing rings series for those unfortunate fans whose teams have come so close yet failed to live up to the hype. Fortunately I believe I may have found a suitable means for venting my frustrations along with others who have suffered heart breaking loses. I present to you the “throwback” contest.
It’s time for the sportscardforum.com community to follow the lead of Henry Rowengardner. One of the great traditions in sports involves finding new and inventive ways to stick it to your rival or a player who betrays his team. While growing up the easiest way for me to grieve a recent loss by the Raiders was to go after the cards of the offending team. Bronco fans would be shocked at the high number of John Elway and Terrell Davis cards that have met their demise at my hands. Ricky Watters Seahawk cards have been burned torn and left out in the rain. Nothing soothes quite like sticking it to an opponent. Think Lebron James jerseys burning in the streets and Randy Moss mooning Packer fans. Think dog bitten Michael Vick cards selling on ebay. Rivalries fuel fans imagination almost as much as cheering for their favorite players. The sportscardforum.com community needs to find a way to capitalize on this aspect of sports. There are several ways to accomplish this task.
The throwback contest could start with a poll under each of the sports forums. A five card selection from Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey could be posted and forum members could vote on which card should be destroyed and whichever card received the most votes would be destroyed in the fashion suggested by one of the voters. Another route could be allowing members to post home videos of themselves destroying their rivals cards and explaining why they chose to do so. The categories could be most creative, highest volume, and highest book value. And as an added bonus winners could receive the ultimate reward and be given cards of equal or lesser value from their own team, thus giving them the dual satisfaction of sticking it to a rival while also reaping a reward of building their personal collection. I realize this contest will never fully heal the deep wounds that our members have suffered over the years, but throwing a homerun back doesn’t stop the points from going up on the scoreboard either, but it’s better than suffering in silence. At the end of the day this contest can only distract the fans for a few moments or days at best, but it could be fun to watch. It may even take off in ways unimagined just as Henry’s throw turned into a chance to play for the Cubs maybe we’ll see another kind of throwback redemption showing up in packs of upperdeck or score!

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