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07-09-2011, 12:54 PM
I used to do this on my other site, but when I left there, I really stopped showing off my PC. Well, I figure, if Im gonna collect it, I should share it- so I plan on posting one card per day. My focus, for those of you who dont know, is autographs, event used, and memorabilia cards and items of Olympic athletes. In addition to my certified auto PC, I have about 200 other Olympian autos, which I will work on showing off as the days and weeks go by. Ill start with my favorite auto- this card is the one that I think I paid the most for out of all the ones in my PC. That said, I got a GREAT deal from one of the great members here at SCF, although unfortunately I dont recall who.


And heres my favorite summer games card- also obtained via trade here at SCF


Feel free to comment, ask me questions, whatever- and if you have Olympian autos, let me know, cause I probably want them!

Thanks for looking

07-10-2011, 12:33 PM
Todays show offs. Since the US Womens Soccer team is playing- I present to you


and because who doesnt get chills everytime the 1980 Miracle on Ice team is mentioned...