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07-20-2011, 09:31 AM
I know weird title for a sportscard article,but read on and you'll see why.

I was going thru some of my older cards,not real old circa 2001 thru 2007.As I was doing this it made me realize how much I miss some of the cool cards Donruss had put out before their contract for baseball was omitted.I was looking at my fabric of the game Tom Seaver gu autograph numbered 3/5 with him in his mets uniform with a nice blue pinstripe on the jersey piece.This one card made me realize how much I wish they had their major league license back.

I don't like the fact that as consumers we had alot of awesome products taken away from us due to the mlbpa and the card companies not being able to come to an agreement.For me the more product and the more choices the better.I don't like the fact that as consumers we are put in a position to rely on only one company that puts out cards that have major league logos,now don't get me wrong I think Topps is doing a fine job but with the lack of competition complacency is sure to set in.

I also do not like the fact that Panini was basically shoved down our throats as the new kid on the block for basketball products,they are doing an okay job but not spectacular.Without a contract for 2 of the biggger names in basketball,being Michael Jordan and Lebron James they were already starting off on a bad note.I think alot of their product looks too similar in design and with Kobe Bryant as their leading spokesperson we are seeing alot of his stuff saturating their products and thus leading to a downgrade in value.I sure miss opening Topps chrome and the basic Upperdeck product as the photography in both of those sets was always well done,plus the rookie autographs and various refractor parallels were always nice to look at.

Okay let's move on to Football shall we,This is a sport I used to collect heavily,notice I said used to.The whole landscape changed when Upperdeck could no longer produce cards with the nfl logo's and uniforms.This in turn made presspass lose its college license which makes for a very drab product when all you have is mug shots.Once again Panini is getting more of the slice of the pie than they deserve,I mean they have the exclusive rights to basketball and now you let them and Topps be the only companies that can use the NFL logo's.I understand Panini had the money and with Donruss products they had a good foundation to start off.With that being said I really do miss Upperdeck nfl sanctioned products,they were always more innovative and their big hits were big hits.

Okay onto Hockey we go,I'm glad Upperdeck still is the major player in this sport,I don't collect much hockey but when I do buy it it is most likely to be Upperdeck.Once again that darn name Panini,why so much was handed to them I don't know why,they are a good company yes,but I would much rather see another company that puts out great cards get the NHL contract.You guys and gals know who I'm talking about,yes the company owned by Dr.Price IN THE GAME PRODUCTS.I would love to see what this company could do with an NHL license as their unsanctioned products are awesome.I mean if you want something really cool just look at some of their game used items they are some of the best produced in any sport in any product.

Here is my idea,in the year 2013 when all the current contracts run out let all the companies produce cards for all the major sports,thus the everybody in the pool title.I am putting my trust in us as the consumers that we will be able to weed out the bad sets and bad products.I would think with competition being very heavy for our money we would see some innovation for a change,no longer resting on your laurels and putting out the standard product us consumers are getting tired of.With having to outdo each other card collecting might get very interesting again,but for the next couple of years we will just have to settle for the bones these companies are throwing us.Remember if you don't like a product try not to settle and just buy it because there is nothing else,as consumers our wallets speak louder than our words.I hope you guys and gals found this article a little entertaining and remember collect what you want not what is thrown at you,take care Steve

07-24-2011, 07:15 AM
Thanks for the article Steve, published here: http://www.sportscardforum.com/articles/2011/07/everybody-in-the-pool/

07-24-2011, 11:33 AM
Thanks Karine,have a great day,take care Steve

07-24-2011, 06:31 PM
I agree with you 100%, Steve! I loved some of the sets other companies had to offer.