View Full Version : Sports/Religious/Policitial/Trading question

08-03-2011, 08:51 PM
Here's the deal. Imagine the top prospect in your favorite sport. It dosen't matter if it's football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, nascar, ufc or anything else. Anyway this guy or gal (heck some girls can play to) has all the pro scouts drooling and is all but guaranteed to dominate their respective sport for 10-15 years and be a first ballot HOFer. The problem is that they are still in high school or college and have no liscenced cards of them yet. But we as card collectors dream about the chance of getting their card and auto. However there is a solution. The ball player will be at an event giving out and signing promotional cards of him/her for free. What's the catch you might ask? The ball player has a religion that you do not believe in and he/she will be including a verse from his/her holy book that you do not believe in. Would you still get his or her card knowing that it is going to be one of those religous promotional cards and that he is including verses that you don't agree with? Why or why not?