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08-14-2011, 09:58 PM
Why I believe Jason Terry is the best athlete in the world!!!

My favorite athlete in the all of sports was Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets. He played for my home town team (Houston Rockets) for several years before constantly injuring himself to force the general manager believe he may not be the key to our team’s championship run. But now he currently plays for the Detroit Pistons as a role player. Why would you ask me? Well, I use to think T-Mac was a great person on and off the court, but I stopped labeling as a perfect person as soon as he denied every autograph request. I remember that day like it was yesterday. There were 2 kids and I at the Rockets tunnel four hours before a game against the Toronto Raptors in 2004. We were all waiting for McGrady to walk over to us and sign our items, but he said more than just no.
Autograph seekers: “T-Mac, can you please sign for us?”
T-Mac: “No, I don’t have time to sign for you guys. Just go buy my autograph online or something.”
Wow, really? I can accept a “no” or “I have no time.” Nevertheless, McGrady said no and told us to go buy his autograph online or somewhere. I was in shocked when he said that, because none of us were autograph sellers. All the kids were extremely depressed, because they were at their first NBA game and were just trying to get autographs. He angered me, because it was only four innocent autograph seekers. However, I have a new favorite athlete these days. And he plays for the rival team, Dallas Mavericks. This play who I admire is Jason Terry. (a.k.a “Jet”)
What can I say badly about Jason Terry? Lol. I cannot because this man is what many can consider as “perfect.” Terry is a wonderful all-around player, nice man, and extremely funny. I was at the Houston Rockets game against the Dallas Mavericks in 2009. There was a crowd of about 25 other autograph seekers who were excited to meet and get autographs from the Mavericks players. However, like usual, many players such as Coach Rick Carlisle, Dirk Nowitzki, J.J Barea, Jason Kidd, Darrell Armstrong, and Popeye Jones all denied our request. Nonetheless, Jason Terry walked over to us and autographed all 25 people’s items. He also took pictures, sign multiples, and even gave away his headband and wristband. This man was extremely liked by everyone and satisfied each and every fan. As for me, Jason Terry talked to me for about 3 minutes about life and the situation on the referees betting and rigging calls.
I asked: “JET, what do you think about Tim Donaghy and the other stupid referees?”
Jason Terry: “Man, those people need to get fired. We need some better referees, because they are just wasting your and my time.”
The above quotes were the only ones I remember, but I still had great memorable things we exchanged orally. Jason was down to earth and allowed his ego to not get the best of him. Also, Jason Terry gave me his headband. Yay! I did not even ask for it, but I commented on how great it looked on him. The headband made him look like a gangster and a very tough player. He laughed it out and gave me the infamous headband. I was in shocked, but I gave it to a little kid who was shocked to see me get a NBA player’s item. Even though I really wanted to keep it, it felt even better to allow a little NBA fan get the best of it.
In conclusion, Tracy McGrady is a great player but absolutely not too great of a person. His actions in not only denying but telling us to go buy his autograph online were a shocker. However, I do not need his unnecessary comments. I found another favorite athlete who surprisingly plays the same sport but on the rival team in Texas. Jason Terry is absolutely a great person and in my opinion a much better person than Tracy McGrady. Therefore, due to his kindness towards all his fans around the world, I have to consider him my favorite athlete in the world. Go JET!


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