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08-15-2011, 03:12 PM
Usually, I am not that type of sports cards collector who only chooses one player to invest on and to create a personal collection of. First, I do not have the money to spend on the quite expensive cards of the player. Second, the time spent collecting the player will take years and years, which I also do not have due to working two jobs and going to school. Third, I just do not have the patient and effort to collect the player. However, if I had the money, time, and effort to collect an up and coming prospect or player in this sports cards collecting hobby, I would definitely choose to collect cards of Blake Griffin (Donkey Kong playing basketball lol). Why must I say? Well, Blake Griffin is first and foremost a wonderful NBA player who does not let his emotion get the best of him. He plays hard, tough, and with much energy. Unlike many other NBA players, he keeps his ego at home and goes out to play 100%.
Mr. Blake Griffin is a wonderful player and a man. Being born in a family with an older brother who constantly competes against him in many sports such as basketball and playing for a tremendously highly ranked basketball high school and college in Oklahoma, he was always a star from the beginning of his long lived basketball years. Also, I have seen him sign autographs for many autograph seekers around the city and world. He is also part of the NBA Care program that goes out and helps the community. Also, Blake Griffin is also an outstanding dunker who has shown us what he can do throughout the season and at the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest. However, the most important reason why I would consider Blake Griffin the main player in any sport to collect is because he is definitely still growing as a basketball superstar and will become a Hall of Famer in the future. After averaging more than twenty points, ten rebounds, and at least two blocks, Blake is obviously an icon in the NBA and is much worthy to collect. Furthermore, his rookie stats last season were quite uncommon and were extremely surprising. Not only did he outplay his fellow rookies in many statistical categories, he also had better stats than his own self when he played at the University of Oklahoma.
Even though his card prices (Sell value and Beckett value) seem to grow, I believe it is best to invest on him right now than in couple years when his name is up there with players like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant. I think his cards price ranges from about ten dollars for a rookie card to many other expensive cards such as rookie card autograph patches for about five to ten thousand dollars already. These prices seem like they are a lot, but according to many fellow sports cards collectors and fans, everyone believes it is best to purchase it now before the cards increase by over one hundred percent in value. Therefore, I encourage many of you sports cards collectors to invest in Blake Griffin cards, because it is a guarantee win to have a personal collection of him now when he’s still growing and before he gets too big and popular.
In conclusion, I believe the next big deal in the sports cards collecting world is Mr. Blake Griffin. He has shown all of us that he is an absolutely great player through his stats. Also, his dunks and inhuman things he does on the court such as blocking crazy shots and slipping and sliding on the basketball court is extremely extraordinary and exciting to watch. But the main reason why I believe Blake Griffin should be collected is because his cards are not very expensive yet. Even though they may range from a couple of dollars to couple thousand dollars, I believe it is better to invest now on this young player and wish for him to continue growing into an outstanding player in the NBA. Nevertheless, if I eventually find enough money, time, and effort to collect Blake Griffin cards, I may decide to collect him since he has shown me that he is obviously the next big thing in any sport. Go Blake Griffin!

08-18-2011, 08:18 PM
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