View Full Version : Buffalo Bison @ Columbus Clippers: 8/20/11

08-21-2011, 01:20 AM
So I managed to make it to one final Clippers game tonight...and managed my best 'graphing night ever. All said and done, I ended it with 32 autographs! With some help from a friend and a great guy in the stadium, I just killed it...here's how I did!

Team Photo #1 (Pregame)
Tim Fedroff
Travis Buck
Cord Phelps
Jeanmar Gomez
Matt Langway
Corey Kluber
Mitch Talbot
Nick Hagadone
Zach McAllister
Paulo Espino
Argenis Reeys
Rueben Niebla
Zack Putnam
Beau Mills
Jerad Head

Team Photo #2 (Postgame)
Nick Johnson
Corey Kluber
Josh Judy
Jeanmar Gomez
Zack Putnam
Mitch Talbot
Zach McAllister
Tim Fedroff
Random Bison Player
Eric "The King" Burger! Awesomest guy ever...

Misc. Stuff

Jared Goedert 1/1 5x7
Joe Martinez 1/1 5x7
Beau Mills 1/1 4x6
Nick Hagadone 1/1 8x10
Zach McAllister 1/1 Ticket Stub (from MLB Debut)
Travis Buck 1/1 Card
Mitch Talbot 1/1 Card
Nick Johnson 1/1 Card (had another that I gave to my friend...)

This was, no doubt, my best day 'graphing ever...I couldn't possibly be any happier at this point! Only things that didn't get signed were of guys that got called up to Cleveland in the past two days...Will definitely try to get some photos up soon, as the 8x10's all look AWESOME! All in all, just a great night and an epic way to end my summer. Just too much cool stuff!

08-21-2011, 10:55 AM
Hard to complain about a night like that one man, congrats! Good job grabbing all those autographs, especially the photos and the McAllister ticket stubs. Those are cool pieces to add to the collection for sure.