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08-21-2011, 08:33 AM
Although I don’t collect his cards, since he has 3 professional ones, I admire Stubby Clapp. You have never heard of Richard Keith Clapp? Impossible! In that case, let me tell you a little about him.
On February 24, 1973 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Richard Clapp was born. Growing up in Canada, Clapp began playing hockey for the Windsor Bulldogs. Their team won first place for the season Stubby was there, with Stubby himself as team captain. After discovering his true passion for baseball, Stubby moved on to Texas Tech University to play baseball. He holds the record for walks in a season, triples in a game, and runs scored in a game all achieved in 1996. In that same year, Stubby was drafted by the Cardinals with the 1,058th pick (36th round) of the draft.
He was especially famous for his game winning single in the 1999 Pan-American Games to lead Canada past the U.S. in the finals. Stubby also represented his home country in the 2004 Olympics, and the 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classics. Stubby spent 4 years in AAA for the Memphis Redbirds, and became one of the most popular players in their history. He is second all time on their games played and hits list.
In 2009, Stubby was named one of Memphis’s athletes of the decade. In 2010, the Redbirds hosted “Ode to Clapping Night” on which bobble-heads of him were giving out. In 2007, he became the first Redbird ever to have his number retired. Stubby was a September call-up in 2001, his only time in the majors. He had 25 at bats with 5 hits, 1 run batted in, and 0 home runs. He never played in the majors again. Stubby continued his journey around the minors but never got back to the show. In 911 minor league games, he had a .270 average, 48 homers, 50 triples, 196 doubles, 365 RBI, and even pitched 2 innings. You may think he was just another random guy, who got his cup of coffee just like everyone else, but Stubby had a bigger impact on those who lived in Memphis. He was a celebrity in those days; he could not walk down the street without being greeted, waved to, or receiving an autograph request. He fully deserves the honor of his number being retired. Stubby always represented his country (Canada) even when he wasn’t fit to play. He participated in both World Baseball Classic’s to date.
You may be wondering, how did I, having never lived in Memphis or Canada, find out about the great Stubby Clapp?
Here’s how. It’s one of the dumbest stories and reasons why, but it’s the truth. My younger brothers and cousins being video game addicts, I was “forced”, to play MLB 2K6 with them. We decided to jump right into a World Baseball Classic. My brother took U.S. and I took Canada. We set our lineups, and when I got down to my 8 hitter, I burst out laughing! Stubby Clapp? Was that a joke? That couldn’t be an actual name! I found his bio and from that point on I was hooked. All of his coaching jobs from then on were far out, Texas, Syracuse, etc. but finally, after 6 years of waiting, today August 21, 2011, Stubby has come to Brooklyn as the manager of the opposing Tri-City Valleycats. My life-long dream to meet this man may very well come true tonight. I’m sure by the time this gets published, I’ll already have or haven’t met him. Stay tuned. I would collect his baseball cards and memorabilia, but he only has 3 existing baseball cards. I have 1. If you go on Youtube, you may even find a song entitled, “The Ballad of Stubby Clapp.” It’s a tribute to his impact on the 1999 Pan-American Games, which though he dramatically led Canada past the U.S, he received no recognition for.
I hope you’ve learned a whole lot about a career minor leaguer who never hit a major league home run, and goes unnoticed in most parts of the country. If you watch the video of him getting ejected from a recent Tri-City home game, I’m sure you’ll be amused, it’s a sight to see. Thanks for reading, and let’s give Stubby a round of applause!

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Great story!

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Great story!

Thanks man! Happy you liked it.

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Yup, published here: http://www.sportscardforum.com/articles/2011/08/the-ballad-of-stubby-clapp/