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08-11-2005, 10:43 PM
I just got this card (08-10-05) in the mail 2003-2004 SP Signature LeBron James rc logo auto 19/25. The last one on eBay sold for $2000.00 with a Buy It Now. This one was insured for $1500, and came in the mail with two creases - the card was not shipped in a thick top loader or a case. I thought I would take offers on it before I file a claim. I will still need a lot out of it. I was told at the post office if I file a claim and I am "awarded" the $1500.00, that they will keep the card and it will be destroyed. It is worth more than $1500 to me, so filing a claim is going to hurt me because I gave a LOT for this card. This is not the SP Signature "Signatures" card it is the rookie card! It is a 2003-2004 SP Signature LEBRON JAMES rc logo auto serial #"d 19/25. I will take offers on this card because I need to get back some of my money. I am open to offers. Thank you for looking.

Well, no help from the seller or the post office on this deal. If any of you are reputable dealers, I really need an appraisal of this card to file a claim at the post office (VALUE BEFORE DAMAGE). I have done everything in my power to get something out of the seller and all he offered were the three lower end cards back and $300 - but I have not seen it. CAN ANYONE HELP or OFFER ANY ADVICE...
The card was not packed well, no top loader, nothing but two thin sleeves. Also, the post office says that the card was not packed well, and because I did a cash/trade deal for the card if I am awarded anything for the card, that all I would receive is the cash I gave for the card - more than likely. I really need some help in this matter.
I was also told I could file a postal fraud claim against this individual if I can prove that he shipped me a damaged card and tried to get me to then file a claim. If any of you have any details on this LeBron James card (previous sales, previous owners, etc.), please let me know. This person stated that he was the original puller of the card. I feel it was damaged before it was shipped. The post master at the post office told me the same thing. I really need help guys - any lawyers??? Thank you in advance.
-Dustin Thompson
Copy of the Contract:

" I, Dustin Thompson, agree to ship to you the following list of cards on Monday August 8, 2005 via FedEx Next Day. I will also pay you via PayPal $300.00. When you receive the cards on Tuesday, and the money from PayPal, you will then ship to me a 2003-2004 SP Signature LeBron James rookie auto /25. You will also ship the card to me NEXT DAY via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Both parties agree to ship the packages insured with delivery confirmation. Here is the list I agree to ship:

2001 Donruss Signature Albert Pujols rc auto 064/330

1968 Topps J. Koosman / NOLAN RYAN rc card (#177) PSA 7 (oc) $500.00 bv!!!

03-04 SP Signature DWYANE WADE rc (#105) 004/499

02-03 Upper Deck Championship Drive - Rookie Jersey AMARE STOUDEMIRE(#123) 389/400 (this is a rookie card)

02-03 Topps Jersey Edition "Copper version" AMARE STOUDEMIRE (#je AST)181/299 (the jersey swatch on this card has either a blood stain or a sweatstain - it came from the factory this way, so I would assume it is blood or sweat from AMARE STOUDAMIRE...some may say 1/1...??? - you know how that goes.) ROOKIE CARD!

92-93 Hoops Magics All Rookie Shaquille O'Neal BGS 9 (just got this back - 9.5,9,9,9 - THIS CARD SHOULD BE A 9.5)

92-93 Skybox Draft Pick (#DP 1) Shaquille O'Neal BGS 9 (just like above should be a 9.5 - subs are 10,9,9,9)

1993 Bowman DEREK JETER rc (#511)

04-05 SP Authentic "Signatures" DWIGHT HOWARD (#SP DH)

03-04 UD Glass "Premiere Issue Jersey" CARMELO ANTHONY jsy card (#PI-CA)

04-05 UD Ultimate "Ultimate Jersey" BEN GORDON (#UGJ-BG) 120/175

95-96 Stadium Club "Reign Men" MICHAEL JORDAN (#RM2)

95-96 Fleer Metal MICHAEL JORDAN "Scoring Magnets" (#4 of 8)

You will ship to the following address:

Dustin Thompson
1015 West Fifth Street
Corinth, MS 38834

If you agree to this please reply with your address, telephone number, and where I need to make the PayPal payment. Thank you.
-Dustin Thompson "

Copy of an email:

"that is a glare from the scanner

Dustin Thompson <dustinthompson@*******.***> wrote:
That is not a crease on the right side by his auto is it? Thanks.

08-11-2005, 10:56 PM
My advice, see what yuo can get for the Post office, even though it wil take a long time getting your money. Sorry for your loss

08-12-2005, 02:36 AM
Considering you gave him so many items for it and not just a couple high end cards, my personal opinion is, it was probably already creased which is why he sent it like that to make it look like the post office did it. Especially since you asked about a crease previously. It probably got creased even more on the way it sounds like, which really sucks for you. Good luck getting the post office to do anything because they are swamped with stuff like that. It'll definitely take months to get anything back. I feel for you.