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08-28-2011, 09:27 PM
last week took son to the real Braves game and struck out on autos so this week we headed down to the Rome Braves to watch them play Kannapolis Intimidators. Got their at 6 when gates opened and headed down towards braves duguout on 3rd base side. Yes third base side never seen that before but this is a great venue for autos as the players tunnel to dugout comes right past the seats and had numerous auto chances.. Every player was supernice and willing to sign. We took a cheap braves ball and had signed but just about everyone. The 3 targets we had were Carlos Perez,Matt Lipka, and Edward Salcedo. We scored all three Lipka and Perez on their 1st bowman chromes and Sacedo on a ticket stub. Great full auto, he only signed about half of it on the ball. Wish I had remembered to bring a Sean Gilmartin card but next time... We got him on the ball. So after all players came through we went down towards LF and when they were done warming up Pitcher Danilo Alveraz gave him a ball and signed it for him.. Think id rather just had the game used ball haha, This is our 2nd different minor league game used ball for our collection(southern and south Atlantic leagues)
So on to the game.. Was pretty good game Braves made a great comeback but fell short in 10 innings. on a blast to CF by the Kannapolis 1st baseman..

After the game went back towards LF in hopes of getting anything from the players. Well the Braves headed to locker room quickly upset over loss so we headed to visiting team and last guy through finally hooked us up with his batting gloves.. Wish we got him to sign but he had his hands full and we were just grateful to got anything.. Looked up his # 24 and it was Tracye Thompson one of the only guys i had heard of the Kannoplis team(whitesox affiliate)..Needless to say son was very thrilled.. We will be keeping these in hopes of seeing him again next season to have them signed

For a 1st trip to the Rome ball park I was very impressed very fan friendly park and was very very easy to get autographs, even from Pitchers which is typically hard b/c i know at our local AA team they dont always come out same way as the position players do,
Enjoy the pics...
oh and btw used the baby powder on the chrome cards and it worked perfect Great tip..


almost forgot the best part cheerleaders at a baseball game:D:D:flex::flex::D:D


heres the Lipka and perez cards
Lipka's defense was very impressive very toolsy lots of range and athleticism