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The Complete Account On My JJ Hickon PC

People often ask me why I have such a passion for collecting cards of current Sacramento King, JJ Hickson. Although it may sound very easy to explain, it is somewhat of a mouthful. To start this explanation, I should give everyone a quick synopsis of my years as a collector.


When I was younger, I used to collect cards of all sports. However, back then there were no cards as there are now in the hobby. The most I would do back then is what most kids that age would do. On occasion, I would go to the local K-Mart and pick up a few packs. Like most people, I outgrew this and went away from collecting for years. This was until I made the discovery of cards that were considered "Hobby", rather than "Retail". Obviously, after being thrilled at seeing just a simple game used for every twenty packs I opened, when I first saw breaks of boxes such as Exquisite, I was excited. I continued digging into what I could find in card collecting, and eventually decided to get back into things and build I collection of my own. I still had some of the leftover game used and autographs from when I was younger. Not many had too much of a value, but it was certainly a start. Soon after my decision on this, I began seeing collections people had of just one single player. Some of them floored me of how much cards of one player can be brought together by one person. With this, I decided to take a crack at it myself....

So the first step in starting a personal collection of just one player, you obviously have to pick who it is you have to collect. For me at the time it took quite a bit of debate. There were several factors I was looking to get out of a player in order for me to start collecting them. At the time, my biggest sports passion was being a die-hard fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers (which at the time wasn't too hard with a very successful team, and one of the best basketball players in the world). So I decided to direct my choice on someone on the Cavs. I wanted them to be on this team, simply so I can watch them play every game. And on that note, I wanted them to have a definite future in Cleveland. I narrowed my list down to a few players: LeBron James (...Ya we certainly have seen how that "future" has turned out in Cleveland), Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, Jawad Williams, and JJ Hickson. LeBron James was instantly out of question when I found how much his cards would cost me. Jawad was a great candidate for this, as someone playing for my favorite team, and had grown up in the same area as I had. However, he had very little cards, and I would have all of them within a month's time. So it came down to Gibson and Hickson. At the time Hickson was primarily a bench player, playing behind Varejao and Big Z. Boobie was the back-up SG to Delonte West. Both of these players had lots of potential, cheap prices, and a good number of cards to collect. After considering a collection of both, I decided my best bet was to go with Hickson. This was for a few reasons. Hickson, in my mind, was a much more fun player to watch. His game was "raw" at the time, and most of his points came off of high-flying dunks. I also figured some of Hickson's more rare cards would be available, because this was the same season he became a rookie.

So there you have that. I was able to narrow down thousands of professional athletes in our country to one who I would try to collect. At the time, I had not imagined to build up a collection of this one player beyond maybe forty to fifty cards. When I first began, I only decided to collect autos and game used. Unfortunately, I do not remember which card of Hickson I had first. However, if I were to make a guess, it would have to be his SPx Triple GU Auto RC /599...


I currently have three of this card, so I am not sure which exact card was my first.

As most collections do, my PC slowly but surely grew. At first, I had all of my cards in just one small box that could hold around 800 base cards. Within two months my collection had outgrown this. As I continued to watch the season progress, and Hickson get more minutes, I had more confidence in his potential, and felt the need to pick up more of his cards. After a few months of collecting, I decided to begin picking up all of his cards, including base. This was when things started to look great, quantity wise. I was coming up to around 100 cards after just a season of basketball.

Although my collection was as big as most for a player with this many cards, I still was lacking in that one big hit that could define my collection. During the offseason, when prices were down, I was able to pick up my first and only 1/1 autograph for a great price. This card simply added fuel to the fire in my madness to trying to get every card possible of him.


For the past year now, I have been able to stockpile more and more cards of him, reaching my total now in between four and five hundred. This has been a slow but steady task, as Panini has allowed me to do this by producing very few cards of him. I could go on for hours listing off numbers on my collection. I won't do that but will certainly tell you this. My collection has survived a couple of years as Hickson has been used as just a role player, been benched for a "bad attitude", been traded to an entirely different team, and an NBA lockout. I can confidently say that most people in a similar situation would no longer have their collection, yet I will continue to bring in as many cards as I can of him.

In conclusion, I hope this may be able to influence others on perhaps starting a personal collection themselves. It may look like something difficult to put together (as it did for me), but before you know it, you may have hundreds of cards of them. I have been wanting to share this story for quite some time now, and hope to see more from others with stories about their collections themselves. Remember, anyone can put together their own collection, and make it as small or large as they want...For me, any collection is an awesome collection- no matter the size of it!


(I can't go without sharing this last new addition to the collection!)

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great read buddy .... Keep up the collection !!! I love watching it grow :)

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thanks, as always.