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09-10-2011, 04:54 PM
If you a Flyers fan you may not want to read this but if you do please don't be mad, this is just my opinion. The Flyers have come close to the cup two years in a row now and made some serious moves this off season. Unfortunately for them, these moves and the current mind set will be there demise. The Flyers added two of the biggest names in this years free agent pool when they added Ilya Bryzgalov and the legendary Jaromir Jagr, but at what price. Any NHL fan would tell you that adding or losing Jeff Carter and Mike Richards to you roster will cause a serious turn one way or the other. The Flyers had to deal these two stars in order to have the cap space to sign Bryzgalov, who fills a big hole for the Flyers in net but what price did they pay, 132 points this past season is what they paid.

We all know who Jaromir Jagr is if we are NHL fans, one of the greats of the game and an asset to any team. With that said, Jagr is going to turn 40 this year, which doesn't mean that he can't play but he is far from prime and won't be the Jagr that the Penguins won the cup with. He will contribute in many ways on and off the ice in Philly but won't be able to replace the 132 points that Richards and Carter put up last year. He will bring a level of playmaker skill but will he be able to make that big of an impact on the Flyers, I really doubt that he will. The Flyers did bring in Talbot too but not too many people outside of Philly and Pittsburgh care about him. Unless Talbot has a breakout season he will not come close to replacing what Carter or Richards brought as he had barely over a third the points as either Carter or Richards.

Bryzgalov was brought in to fill the biggest hole in the Flyers lineup which was between the pipes. Earlier last month Ilya said he is aiming for 40 wins this up coming season which may not seam like too many but the Flyers will lose some games as all teams have bad nights and you have to wonder how far they will go for Ilya to win 40. Will he end up earing himself out like he did last year? Its those last 16-28 games that the Flyers have trouble with and that 16 win is what they should be aiming for and I believe they are but are going about it the wrong way.
The Flyers will have their worst season in three years. I think that they did address their hole in net, being the only team that did not record a shutout last year, but they paid too much of a price for that move. The Blue Jackets and Kings should be considerable better and thank the Flyers for the moves that brought those players to their respective teams but the Flyers return will be watching LA do better than them and Columbus compete in the toughest division in the NHL. In my opinion the Flyers best case situation has them fighting for the #8 spot in the playoffs but they will be knocked out in the last week and not get a chance to redeem themselves for the last two years that they came close. There are easily 7 teams that are better than the Flyers in the east and 3 of the remaining are good team that seem to need to gel together. Last year in the division the Flyers barely beat the Crosby/Malkin-less Penguins and this year will not be as easy. The Flyers will lose the division to the Penguins and could be as low fourth, ahead of only the Islanders. The Flyers have a lot of promise but have taken a big step back and will realize that when they go from division champs to being on the outside looking in. Jagr will have a 40 point year but will still leave them short of the production they got from the roster last year. Bryzgalov won't hit his mark of forty wins but will spend sixty or seventy games trying to do so and will be beat up and tired by the time the big playoff push is needed putting them just short. Sorry Flyers and Flyers fans but your team made the wrong moves and took 2 steps back instead of 1 forward which will result in great tee times for the summer.

09-17-2011, 01:45 PM
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