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08-30-2005, 01:48 PM
For all those doubters, check out Fleerabc.com: :new_all_c

As of August 25, 2005

There is new information for redemption card holders. Those holding redemption cards should send them to the Assignee at the following address:

Fleer - Redemption Card
PO Box 2247
Morristown, NJ 07962-2247

All cards must be postmarked by October 15, 2005. Multiple cards can be sent in one envelope. The Assignee is not responsible for lost, misdirected or illegible cards. You are encouraged to retain copies of your cards and related information for your records. Please see the FAQ section for additional details.

08-30-2005, 05:23 PM
Before you get your hopes up on getting actual cards, I suggest you think about what will be happening. Because Fleer is no longer solvent and obviously millions of dollars in the hole, no one will be working to obtain any sports cards. Upper Deck bought the company's leftover assets (the ones they had no use for and could not authenticate themselves they left for public auction) and did not assume Fleer's massive debt and are under no legal obligation to honor the redemptions. I think that you are premature in assuming you will receive anything of value. I hope that I am wrong but if you read between the lines, 10 bucks says they are going to lump us all into a large class action suit and based on the number of cards we send in, we will probably receive a small sum. We'd probably get something like 10 cents per dollar of estimated value. That is far more likely than receiving anything resembling an auto'd sports card. I point out that redemption cards sent in but not received before fleer's closing are supposedly in the database of a court in NJ, which I presume is where my info is. All you have to do is check Fleerabc.com to see what I am talking about. I'd love to believe that I will actually get my julius jones auto's I am resigned to the fact that I will probably get a lousy f-ing check for something like $4.37 for the 4 cards they owe me. :new_evil: Needless to say the only thing you or I can do is send in the cards. And before you reply saying they will redeem the cards, I point out that one of the items being auctioned is the 1/1 Carmelo Anthony draft day items. I have seen the actual redemption card, but the poor that paid tens of thousands of dollars for it last year on ebay ain't getting it. It is one of the highlight items currently being used to entice people to register for the auction. The card would have gotten you the actual ping pong ball used to draft him, the actual signed draft day jersey that he wore with David Stern, and the actual draft day cap. All of those pieces were framed and come together with a letter stating exactly what those pieces are. I'd love to bid on it, but the price is obviously going to command a lot. Anyway, the guy holding that redemption card is SOL, just like the rest of us. He MIGHT get $100 for that card since he obviously didn't redeem it in time but I seriously doubt it. And should he send it in before the auction, he's still SOL. They aren't going to pull it off the auction and give it to him, even though it is rightfully his. Much like the auto's that are rightfully yours and mine. I do hope however that I am dead wrong and that we will receive our cards or even some kind of special edition autograph cards because I would be happy with that. I would not be happy with receivng a crappy check that wouldn't even allow me to buy a pack of cards.