View Full Version : 1972 Summit Series Game USed Stick of Dennis Hull from Moscow Game

10-15-2011, 03:31 PM

One of Top 5 items in my Sport Memorabilia and AUTO's collection is a stick of Dennis Hull used in the game or any other activities during 1972 Summit Series Games in Moscow.

I got it some years ago from a guy who was a translator for Canadians and got it after one of games but with no any proofs. Also he signed it in person with HArry Sinden and Bobby Orr. I don't know how it was, Orr was not on banch as I know but was in Arena... No ideas.

My question is:

1. Do you know what $$$ I can get for it. I need money now but will not kill for it. It means that if it could be sold for much I will do it. If it's possible to get say $1K - I'll keep it, $1K is nothing in my situation.

2. Do you knwo how to deliver such an item from Russia to North America. Fedex doesn't like to insure it for high $$$ since I don't have a proof of high price.

3. Is it any company in the world that may ofically confirms what I have - Game used stick or at least is it a stick ofically taking by Canada Team in the journey.

Thank you in advance for your answers!