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10-20-2011, 04:51 PM
Hey all, just wanted to show off some of the most recent mail I've got in. I mentioned previously that I had slowed down during the summer months on my collection, but have recently started picking up some new pieces, a number of those being from the Fanfare product. Here's a look at what I've picked up.

Let's start with a few Fanfare Autos:

2011 Press Pass Fanfare Autographs Kenny Wallace /100
2011 Press Pass Fanface Autographs James Buescher /99

I have one more small auto from Fanfare that will go into the PC, as you'll see below.

Here's some memorabilia pieces from Fanfare.

2011 Press Pass Fanfare Magnificent Materials Kurt Busch /199
2011 Press Pass Fanfare Magnificent Materials Clint Bowyer /199

Two decent multi-colored pieces. Picked up one more, which you'll see in a bit.

How about some auto'd mem?

2011 Press Pass Fanfare Magnificent Materials Signature Edition Brendan Gaughan /99
2011 Press Pass Fanfare Magnificent Materials Signature Edition Josh Wise /99

Cool swatch on the Wise. Will be interesting to see where these two end up/how they do in the 2012 season.

2010 Press Pass Autographs Steve Wallace

For those that know me, know I am really hard on Steve Wallace and the way he drives/tears up equipment. I needed the chance to jump at getting one of his autos when I could and here it is. Not sure what I plan on doing with this one. It could be for trade, but not too sure yet.

Not a racing card, but was in the package with what I picked up:

2009-10 Upper Deck SPx Andrew MacDonald Jersey/RC

Andrew MacDonald played for the local Jr. A team in Truro and have a soft spot for picking up pieces of players that played for the team during my teen years (David Brine, Matt Climie, MacDonald..etc).

Here's a couple of PC pieces -

2010 Press Pass Legends Mike Joy Autograph
2010 Press Pass Legends Mike Joy /399

Being an announcer, I look up to guys like Mike Joy. Am honored to have an autographed piece of Mike in my collection.

2011 Press Pass Fanfare Autographs Aric Almirola /99
2009 Element Radioactive Aric Almirola /100

Two more pieces to add to the Almirola collection.

2010 Press Pass Autographs JR Fitzpatrick

This add is in addition to another one below.

And now, the big four adds from the mail haul. The first one is up for trade:

2011 Press Pass Fanfare Magnificent Materials Ryan Newman /199

Tried to photo match this for about an hour and have come to the conclusion that it's from word WHIrlwind on the Tornados Patch.

This one may also be available for the right offer;

2011 Press Pass Autographs Bronze Robby Gordon 7/20

I am a big fan of Speed Energy and have a ton of respect for what Robby Gordon does in house after visiting his shop in April. Picked this up not aware that it was a door number and saw the Silver version (#7/15) pop up on the 'bay about a week later. Not sure if it was a set collector or a Gordon collector bidding against me, but I chased it up to over $20 before I stepped out of the running for the twin to my Bronze auto.

2011 Hero Card, Ryan Mackintosh

For those who do not recognize the name, Ryan Mackintosh is a young man from Amherst, Nova Scotia who moved down to North Carolina a couple years ago to pursue his dream of making it to the big leagues. Ryan was home to race a Limited Late Model at his home track, the Centre For Speed in New Brunswick earlier this month, but the race got rained out. Great family, nice kid and would love to see him go far down south!

And the big add to the collection:

2009 Wheels Main Event Marks Yellow Press Plate 1/1 Fitzpatrick

This one was a great add to the JR PC - my second plate to go with the 2009 Press Pass Auto Plate, which is also a yellow. Between those and the tire I showed off last month, the collection is starting to gain a bit of steam!

Comments welcome, thanks for the look!

10-20-2011, 04:55 PM
Awesome stuff, congrats! Love the Newman patch. If I have anything you could use for the Bowyer Firesuit, LMK.

10-20-2011, 05:28 PM
Very nice stuff!

race crazy
10-20-2011, 05:59 PM
very cool bunch of stuff congrats!

10-20-2011, 06:24 PM
I need that Newman patch!! I would be willing to trade a sweet Almirola for that patch. pm me if interested.

10-21-2011, 08:50 AM
very nice mail haul