View Full Version : Display cases for mini-helmets and baseballs

10-30-2011, 09:12 PM
Hey everyone... just a general question about wall-mounted display cases for mini-helmets and baseballs. I am considering purchasing one of these two display cases for my small (but growing) collection of mini-helmets.



I am leaning towards the second of those two, since I think not having the top of the case covered will let more light in and make the helmets more visible. Does anyone have a similar case to either of these two? If so, do you have any thoughts/input?

Also, I was looking at purchasing a case for my small (but again, growing) baseball collection:


I am worried about putting the baseballs directly on the stained wood (might cause some discoloration on the bottom of the balls over time?). Does anyone have any thoughts/input on this style case?