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11-19-2011, 07:00 AM
The Perfect Choice
Written by Noah Foreman

Thanks to ESPN, the sports nation was given a glimpse into the new uniform that Notre Dame showcased for the first time in school history. The newly donned “Shamrock Series” uniform brought many Notre Dame faithful either to their feet in rejoice, or to their knees in prayer. Many love, and are embracing the change. While others have been shouting via blogs and twitter for the traditionally bland Notre Dame style to stay the same. No matter how one may see the uniforms, the new “Shamrock Series” uniforms are a huge leap in the new direction that many other schools have already chosen.
The new helmets showcase a very bright golden paint scheme. A paint scheme that has many handmade twists in the paint. Also, a noticeably large green shamrock on both sides of the helmet is hard to miss. A dramatic jump from the same solid gold color Notre Dame has used for decades. The uniforms themselves have changed as well. The “Shamrock Series” game will have the players wearing the newer Techfit green jerseys, golden gloves with adjoining shamrocks on the palms, and white Adidas cleats.
The only game that Notre Dame will wear these uniforms was last week against The University of Maryland. Not to be outdone, Maryland donned their own unique uniforms that seem to portray the Maryland state flag across the entire uniform. The fact that the Notre Dame helmets in that game were so expensive to make, and very time consuming the in the painting process, each helmet was to be returned without question at the end of the game. Apparently, many players have gotten away with keeping certain game helmets and mailing them to loved ones after games. Not even a question with these new helmets. It seems that Adidas, the creator of the new uniforms, knew that the Irish faithful would be drooling over a chance to get their hands on one of these new helmets. Myself included. The people at Adidas decided to make 11 Shamrock Series Promo Boxes to be given away.
Each promo box contains the Shamrock Series helmet, green jersey and gloves, and a bunch of other cool goodies such as collector’s pins, gold IPod Nano, and some golden noise-cancelling headphones. Ten of the boxes had in one way or another, found homes already. However, one box was given to the Notre Dame Football page on Facebook. The people behind the Notre Dame Football Facebook page were to give this promo box away to the most deserving fan. The page simply asked that you put up a picture with a description describing why you think you’re the most deserving of this promo box. Over 500 people, including myself, put up a picture and description of why they were the most deserving. I honestly thought I had a chance…until I saw who Notre Dame had picked. After reading why this family was chosen, my jealousy and nausea quickly turned to goose bumps and reminded me why I love Notre Dame Football and all the fans.
The lucky Brooks family from Hampton, VA were chosen to receive the promo box. After reading their story, it’s hard to argue with whom Notre Dame chose.
“My husband (Huge ND Fan) is in the military and serving a one year
tour in Korea. When the game doesn’t air over there, he Skype calls
us and we have to turn the computer towards the TV so he can watch
the game. That’s dedication! Our son watching the Irish with his dad…
half way around the world!”

This story is probably one of thousands that showcase how faithful Notre Dame fans truly are. I fill my basement with Notre Dame stuff. Everything from old autographed footballs, autographed mini helmets, old stadium trinkets, bobble heads, and every Notre Dame football card I can find. During my tours overseas, I never once thought of Skype calling my wife to have her spin the computer around just so I could catch the game. This is a great story. This is a true fan. He seems to be raising his son to become a true fan. I know this promo box has found the right home. I can only hope that this family realizes just how great of a gift they have in their home. I offer my congratulations to the Brooks family, and my best wishes to the Notre Dame Football Team, and to all the Notre Dame faithful.

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