View Full Version : PS2 for gamecube

12-06-2011, 12:13 PM
I have these PS2 games Im looking to trade for gamecube games for my kid. Also have orignal Xbox games if interested in those
All games are in great shape and will be tested before shipping. The all come in the orignal box. This are not kid owned the belong to me and know since my daughter is gettting old enough I though I trade them for something for her.

Tye the tasmanian tiger
Grand theft auto 3
Time Crisis Crisis zone
The Simpson road rage
jak and daxter
Star Wars Bounty hunter
Marvel ultimate alliance
star wars Battle front
Red Dead revolver
Star Wars epsoide 3

WWE wrestling games
Smack Down Vs raw and 2007
smack down here comes the pain
smack down shut ur mouth
smack down just
WWE crush hour

legends of wrestling ]
Showdown legends of wrestling

Mlb slug fest and mlb 2k6