View Full Version : Fanfare Ruby & Emerald FS (#7/15 & #5/25)

12-21-2011, 11:25 AM
Selling these as sets of 2 (one Ruby #7/15 and one Emerald #5/25).

Paypal is preferred, but other payments are fine.
I may consider trades for PC cards I am needing only.

Thanks for looking.

$20 per set
Johnson, Jimmie

$15 per set (or 4 sets for $50)
Allison, Bobby
Allison, Donnie
Allmendinger, AJ
Bodine, Geoff
Bowyer, Clint
Carmichael, Ricky
Childress, Richard----------------PENDING
Conway, Kevin
Coulter, Joey
Ganassi, Chip
Gaughan, Brendan
Goldsmith, Paul
Hornaday, Ron
Irvan, Ernie
Jarrett, Ned
Johnson, Justin
Kligerman, Parker
Kvapil, Travis
Leffler, Jason
Lofton, Justin
Lorenzen, Fred
Mears, Casey
Nemechek, Joe
Paludo, Miguel
Papis, Max
Peters, Timothy
Piquet Jr, Nelson
Reutimann, David
Richardson, Robert
Sadler, Elliott
Sauter, Johnny
Truex Jr, Martin
Wallace, Mike
Waltrip, Michael
Yeley, JJ