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Let me know what you're interested in. Most pics are on the front page of my bucket.

Thanks for the look!

I recently received some stationary, and postcards of historic hotels, etc. If anyone is interested I'll be more than happy to take photos. I'd be looking for cash, cards, or maybe even gift cards.


Postcard, The Mayflower, D.C.

Ambassador Hotel, D.C., stationary, "Arthur Harnett Manager"
Hotel Continental, D.C., stationary

Queen Charlotte Hotel, Charlottesville, VA, stationary
The Jefferson, Richmond, VA, stationary
Hotel John Marshall, Richmond, VA, stationary

1944 postmarked postcard with Geor. Washington 1c stamp. NYC skyline on front (c) Wm. Frange

Monticello Hotel, Charlottesville, VA stationary
Consolvo Hotels, The Monticello (Norfolk, VA), The Belvedere (Baltimore, MD), and The Jefferson (Richmond) pictured sketches
Hotel Richmond stationary
"Welcome to Historic Richmond Virginia" guidebook with old city map. c. 1933

The Florida House, Ocala, FL, stationary
Hotel Inverness, Inverness, FL, stationary
The Kendon Hotel, Miami, FL, stationary
Hotel Tampa Terrace, Tampa, FL, stationary
Hotel Mason, Jacksonville, FL, stationary
Hotel Victoria, NYC, stationary and envelopes
Hotel Sir-Walter, Raleigh, NC, stationary and envelopes

1941 "Your Income Tax" $1 book by J.K. Lasser

1982 World's Fair T-shirt sz L

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