View Full Version : Tonights buying post- 15.00- "other sport" wants

01-30-2012, 08:26 PM
Looking for a ton of stuff, if someone can build me a nice lot of my wants, Im inclined to buy tonight

1. Olympian autos or EU
2. Womens soccer EU/autos (or an Alex Morgan SPGU RC)
3. Rosa Mendes/Eve Torres cards that I need
4. Anna Kournikova
5. LPGA autographs- Gulbis, Creamer, Sorenstam specifically
6. Serenity/Firefly autos

If youve got a proposal, let me know. Id also consider a EU/auto lot of stuff from these sports as well, but I dont check buckets, Id need to see the cards posted please.

If you have some stuff I might like, post it up here and if I like it, Ill buy it