View Full Version : Austin Police swarm white man for walking home with black grandaughter

02-15-2012, 01:05 PM
Got to love our police force huh? SMH.


02-15-2012, 01:41 PM
I saw this on another site. Not really a racial issue. The issue, in my opinion, is the way they treated him. The police are so used to dealing with criminals that they treat everyone like one.

The court system says "Innocent until proven guilty" but police policy is "Guilty until proven innocent"

02-15-2012, 01:46 PM
What about the people who allegedly make these false complaints? Shouldn't they be punished? Or can the police simply say that you fit the description as an excuse to harass law abiding citizens?

02-15-2012, 06:19 PM
that's a weird story. he was stopped more than once, "chased" into the woods, and some woman was following them?

the deputy stopped him 3 times?

was it 2am, then maybe i could see some of this happening