View Full Version : Any info would be amazing.. Details inside..

02-17-2012, 04:14 AM
Understandably, some of you may not know who this is, and it doesn't register under the regular sports memorabilia probably, but I've been looking all over because I've been a huge fan of this person for quite awhile. Ever since I seen this individual I've been a fan and I've followed his career as closely as I could.

I've been looking all over though, and I haven't been able to find anything, which kind of sucks. I'm an avid fan of martial arts and hand to hand combat, and since my favorite martial artist, Bruce Lee, passed over 3 decades ago, and his autographs being extremely rare and expensive, I can't afford to own one. So I figure, my next favorite martial artist would be great to have something to remember him and have something signed by him.

I'm looking for signed memorabilia from TONY JAA. Whether it be a signed 8x10, signed poster, signed movie, I'm basically looking for almost anything. I'd prefer an 8x10 or poster but I'm looking for any info I can get. I've checked ebay, looked on forums (even though most of them are in Thai, in which I can't speak), searched google, and I haven't had any success unfortunately. If anyone might know of any info to help that'd be great!