View Full Version : Got a new Griffey. Pics of the updated collection.

02-20-2012, 05:13 PM
Growing up in the 90's I have a special place for Ken Griffey Jr. in my memory. Growing up in NE Ohio, the Indians have always been my favorite team and Kenny Lofton was always my favorite player, but Griffey was always the player I admired the most and knew was the best in his generation. I always wanted an autograph of his when I was kid, but never had money to buy one and it was impossible to get him in person. Finally I grew up, graduated college and got my first real job so I bought a Griffey every once in a while. It has been 2 years since I had a full-time job now (went back to school full time to get a masters) and when I got hired at a CPA firm this spring I decided it was time to add another piece. One that I have wanted the most since I was a kid. So here is the collection in order of how they were acquired.

I knew I wanted Griffey in a Mariners uniform for an autographed item so this is the first item of his I got. UDA 8x10.

Then I got into cachets and got a couple Griffeys while I was in that phase.

Then it was time for a jersey, so I got the best deal I could on one and it ended up being this Reds vest from UDA that I later framed.

After a steal on that vest I checked for Griffey jersey deals every week and found this bad boy from UDA for around $125. It also has an MLB hologram on the front.

Finally I was just checking ebay to see what was around, and ending in less than a minute when I searched "Griffey UDA" was the piece I wanted since I was a kid. I LOVED this jersey growing up. The colors are so awesome and the silver on the patch and on the lettering on the front is so amazing.

I don't know what I want to add next. Maybe another photo or a batting helmet. I don't think I want to get any cleats, bats, or balls. A ball should be the staple, but they all seem to fade no matter what you do to prevent it. I think I just decided that a batting helmet is the next thing I am looking out for.

02-20-2012, 08:42 PM
Nice collection.