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02-24-2012, 08:51 AM
I am posting this as a need to know. This is a copy of the story you can find here...


eBay has removed virtually all autograph listings with PAAS (Professional Autograph Authentication Service) COAs, apparently due to authenticity concerns.

It is estimated that approximately 800 listings were wiped out, and less than a dozen remained. eBay sellers reported that all of their PAAS autographs were removed except those also certified by other third-party authenticators. Sellers were told they would face possible suspension if they attempted to list them again.

While there has been no official statement by eBay, Michael Frost, PAAS's president and authenticator, acknowledged eBay's actions when I asked by email, but would not say why, suggesting we contact eBay. However he denied it was due to authenticity concerns:

"You should speak with [employee name removed] at eBay if you are that concerned. Nothing at all to do with authentication as you may believe and foolishly put in witting [SIC]. Will be returning in a big way very soon. You are probably best worrying about your own legal issues including some upcoming issues. God bless you."

However, emails from eBay provided to us by recipients contradict Frost's statement:

Why were the listings for my autographed items ended?
- We received reports regarding the authenticity of the autographs in your listings. Please be aware that we regularly receive such reports from rights owners, law enforcement officials and members of the eBay community. These reports were not the determining factor for why your listings were removed but they were taken into consideration.

In the past, blanket removal of a company's COA by eBay has been followed within a few months by an official listing on eBay's banned COA list. More on this situation as it develops.

Thanks to Autograph Magazine Live for the info.


02-25-2012, 06:55 PM
good info, thanks!