View Full Version : TN high school principal threatened to expel gay students during 'homophobic' rant

03-10-2012, 08:12 PM

Dorothy Bond, the principal at Haywood High School in Brownsville, Tennessee, quit in the wake of the inflammatory remarks made as she reminded students to refrain from public displays of affection. She also allegedly told pregnant students that they had ruined their lives.

The principal threatened to expel gay students who showed affection for someone of the same sex, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a letter to the school board after several students and their families asked them to take action.

According to a statement from the ACLU, Haywood High School Principal Dorothy Bond also said that gay students were 'not on God's path' and were 'ruining their lives.'

The school district lists 'physical contact' as a minor offence. But during a February 9 school assembly, Bond threatened gay students showing affection with 60-day suspensions, transfer to an different school or expulsion, students told the ACLU, according to the Tennessean.

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That is just stupid.

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Reasons I hate most of the South, #4,186...

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Most interesting tidbit to me?

But some residents are supporting Bond, in a clash that is threatening to drive a wedge through the Southern community.

Really?!? I mean, even those who would agree with her views would probably have to say her position kinda precludes her from espousing them at the students, right?

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It is really sad that this is the kind of message that our kids are getting from the people that are supposed to be mwentoring them.