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03-15-2012, 12:03 PM
Where to start?

I'm human, just like all others, & have struggles.

My main battle is with myself right? It's not always other people but me.

Ok well what if we were able to really enjoy moments in life, slow down a little but, & take in all that life really offers?

Seeing we are on a sports card related website, I want to put a main focus there.

Let me share that I've been messing with cards off & on for 25 years. Some times have been better than others.

I've come to a point where my enjoyment of this area of life has gone cold. Why? Well I've been simply doing things to fast. I haven't been careful in my thinking. I have a serious number of cards & I haven't taken time to organize, research, & plan how to effectively deal. So I've got sick & tired of this.

While people may place deadlines on us, really there are no deadlines, it's one constant reality going on & on & on. We tend to get caught up in a moment & shorten our frame of mind. There are many delights in life, what if we could cease worry & have a more clearer mind?

I mean you've made it this far. Try thinking of all the expereiences you've had in life thus far. Sure they aren't all that bad, it's how you handle it that matters right?

I know it's gonna be hard for many people to not see in depth what I'm saying here. There are good, better, & best realities in all areas of life as I have learned to understand.

Sure that guy didn't respond back to a Private Message, or that guy said something crazy/silly, but what if you could pause a moment & realize your reaction can be uplifting, simple, short, & peaceful. Perhaps things in life would start to be a bother less & less.

You know sports cards is a wonderful passion of mine. But when I start to lose the enjoyment I know there's something I need & can change.

I hope these thoughts add value to your day. Afterall there are many opportunities to see good in the small things of life, memories to ponder, & thankfullness that indeed not everything is so unbearable afterall.

03-19-2012, 01:08 PM