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11-13-2005, 05:50 PM
I got these at the Canadian National Sports Card Show for sets:

00-01 UD Slam Desmond Mason RC/2500
01-02 Topps Chrome RC refractor - Gilbert Arenas, Eddie Griffin
01-02 UD Sweet Shot Jamaal Tinsley RC/1200
02-03 Topps Finest - Junior Harrington gold ref. auto/25
03-04 EX T.J. Ford RC
03-04 Topps Chrome refractors - Marquis Daniels RC, Z. Carbakapa, D. Milicic X-fractor/220
03-04 Topps Chrome - Gilbert Arenas Bonus Coverage jsy, Kirk Heinrich Chromograph
03-04 Topps Finest jsy ref/250 - Stojakovic, C. Webber, R. Allen, B. Davis
AU RC ref/250 - B. Cook, F. Elson, L. Barbosa jsy
03-04 Topps Finest gold ref auto/25 - Jason Kapono
03-04 UD MVP - a few inserts
03-04 Topps Contemporary auto/499 - P. Stojakovic, T. Outlaw RC, Bobby Jackson
04-05 Bowman auto RC - David Harrison
04-05 Topps Finest - blue ref/50 - Eddy Curry, Jeff Foster, X-frac/179 - Chris Bosh jsy


I could have spent all that one or two great cards but I have a hard time justifying spending that much on one card(pyschological) even though it is the same amount. Saw some great cards that were a little out of my price range:

03-04 Finest D. Wade auto jsy ref/250
03-04 SP Authentic Lebron auto rC/500
04-05 Topps Finest Perfect Pairs auto Dave Cowens/Amare Stoudemire Superfractor 1/1

I also picked up a few cards for EDD (member) for sets that he is doing and one card for my PC - 04-05 SP Game Used James Worthy auto(on wood)/75