View Full Version : HAVE/NEED: 2012 Topps U.S. Olympic Team and Olympic Hopefuls

05-06-2012, 09:29 AM
Below is the list of cards that I have pulled from 3 blaster boxes.

(Base Set) I have 1 complete base set.

(Base Set Bronze)
2 Rau'Shee Warren
7 Mary Whipple
17 Ryan Lochte
19 Bryan Clay
35 Kim Glass
38 Brittany Viola
46 Candace Parker x2
48 Jerome Singleton
55 Terrence Jennings
57 Susan Francia
61 Kelley O'Hara
64 Matt Emmons
66 Allyson Felix
69 Zach Railey
76 Tony Azavedo
78 Jordyn Wieber
79 Donny Robinson
84 Brendan Hansen
85 Jordan Burroughs
92 Jillian Camarena-Williams
94 Yvette Lewis
96 Evelyn Stevens
97 Brandon Roulhac

(Base Set Silver) 1:2
22 Lashawn Merritt
26 Rebecca Soni
35 Kim Glass
38 Brittany Viola
57 Susan Francia
65 Jessica Long
97 Brando Roulhac
100 Michael Phelps

(Base Set Gold) 1:3
28 Conor Dwyer
35 Kim Glass
84 Brendan Hansen
97 Brandon Roulhac

(Games of the XXX Olypiad) 1:4
OLY-5 Rau'Shee Warren
OLY-6 Carrie Johnson
OLY-19 Timothy Wang
OLY-20 Terrence Jennings

(Olympic Heritage) 1:8
OH-XVIII 1964 Tokyo, Japan
OH-XXVI 1996 Atlanta, United States

(London 2012 Olympic Games Venues) 1:12
SOV-2 Basketball Arena
SOV-6 London 2012 Olympic Stadium

(American Flag Patch Card) 1:91
FLP-LJ Lolo Jones
http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d49/robertpaullewis/trading%20card%20album/PC/2012%20Topps%20US%20Olympic%20Team%20and%20Olympic %20Hopefuls/2012ToppsUSOlympicTeamandOlympicHopefulsAmericanFl agPatchFLP-LJLoloJones.jpg
FLP-TH Trey Hardee
http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d49/robertpaullewis/trading%20card%20album/PC/2012%20Topps%20US%20Olympic%20Team%20and%20Olympic %20Hopefuls/2012ToppsUSOlympicTeamandOlympicHopefulsAmericanFl agPatchFLP-THTreyHardee.jpg

I do not have any doubles to trade.

-Robert Lewis

05-06-2012, 09:43 AM
i want everything!

ive opened a few blasters and am working the master set, so whatever you want to move, let me know- and ill see if i can help with your wants, as i do have some dupe stuff


05-06-2012, 01:03 PM
not sure if youd be up for trading some of your parallels/inserts for the base you need, but if so, i have a stack of dupes id love to move in your favor for some of my needs