View Full Version : Why do some people have to talk down on others?

05-13-2012, 05:08 PM
Really annoys me when people talk down about others that I don't even think they know personally. All just absolutely ridiculous. I have a guy that I help out with his racecar. Well another guy I know and have helped(races in a different division so isn't a grudge thing) He gives digs about the guy I help like so and so is better than him.
But the point is, I don't even think he knows the guy I help out and he's giving comments that are negative. It really bugs me. It's like your going based on what your friends tell you. That's what he told me was people he knows things he's a (delete it if it's improper, didn't spell it out on purpose)

Makes me not even want to bother with the guy with the negative comments, based on how I don't think he knows the guy I help. It's like are people just jealous and want to put down others?