View Full Version : question for all who frequent the mma forums

05-17-2012, 09:05 PM
hey all, i had an idea for a continuous trivia contest thread that i proposed to the GM of SCF, haven't heard back yet, but i thought i'd post the outline of it here first to see if people would be willing to participate.

the main gist is there will be one thread where the contest will take place. the way it would work is any member feeling generous enough will post a random trivia question, doesn't have to pertain to mma, and put up one of their own cards as the prize can do so. it can be a random card, an auto or game used or a combination of cards and it can be a common or uncommon card depending on the person giving it away. the question can be something easy to google or something very obscure, depending on the value of the card you may be giving away.

these would be random contests run at the whim and discretion of whoever feels like giving away a card. there will be no compensation for anyone giving a card away, all costs occurred will be taken on by the person giving the card away, thats where the generousity part comes in.

you would state what you're giving away and you're trivia question and YOU(the person asking the question and giving the card(s) away) would keep track of the posts relevant to your question.

because these would be random with no set start or end time, there is the possibility of multiple contests running at the same time, that is why it would be up to the person giving away the card to keep track of posts that are relevant to their question and up to them to determine and announce the winner.

first person to post the correct answer wins. you're only allowed one answer per question, any 2nd post at all about the same question would disqualify you immediately and is up to the contest runner to determine that you followed this rule.

no one HAS to give away a card UNLESS they have won one from someone else. you can sit out and not concern yourself with any of it, however if you submit an answer to someones question and win, then you would at some time repay the community by doing the same yourself.

this is the basic outline of it, you're feedback and comments would be appreciated. any alterations and changes we can possibly make to make this run like a fine oiled machine is wanted.

lmk what you guys think.