View Full Version : How Difficult is it to understand these English Words???

05-18-2012, 09:52 PM


I am in the process of moving out to a new place end of the month. So part of the preparation is to schedule or set re-delivery of mails starting June 1st of next month. So from last week till end of May all my mails will be tagged by the quote above.

As far as i know it means COA is not yet effective meaning if a mail
is addressed to ADDRESS A it is supposed to sent to ADDRESS A
since ADDRESS B is only valied come June 1st.

So what my PO did on my packages ???

They automatically send it back to sender ?

I am just wondering it is the post office that marked my packages with this COA thingy and they are the one who cant understand what it means.

im just ranting here my frustatin as ive been waiting weeks for thse packages to arrive only to find out this mess that theyve done tsk tsk tsk