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06-17-2012, 09:15 PM
MLB ADVENTURES-Contest entry

MLB`s Prince Fielder is my favorite player. I want to a game last in 2008 with my father which likes the Cardinals I might add. I love when we go to games together because he always brags about the Cardinals while I get the last laugh of the bragging. The reason I like the brewers was because of Prince Fielder when I was young my father showed e a bobble head of him and it said 50 home runs! Now to me when I was little that was a lot of home runs. Then for a while I just liked Prince Fielder but then I started collecting cards and my dad told me he played for the Brewers. That`s how I got to like the Brewers because of Price Fielder.

I got my first jersey a little bit ago and it was a Prince Fielder #28 jersey! Then out of everything I didn`t think anything could go wrong then he switched teams. I was sad for a while but then I thought as long as I had that Jersey it was a collectible. My dad and I are still looking for a cheap tiger’s jersey of him. Then the unthinkable happened I lost the Jersey!

Then one year we had the family and friends over some Cardinals but most all brewers. Everyone was mouthing off about the other team. I was mouthing off to my dad I always get the last laugh. The same day I was getting him getting the last laugh so much he locked me out of the house! Then I lifted the garage open and tried the garage door we had locked but little did he know I could squeeze through the doggy door. I want through it got in the house to find the Brewers losing. Right after that my dad just stared at me and said how? Then he got up started pushing me to the door he unlocked it and opened the door. I wasn`t going to get locked out again. I pushed him out the door and locked it. I soon found out he didn`t have his keys because I came back and in his seat was the keys. I took the keys put them in my pocket and watched the game. After the game I want outside and found he was laying down in the camper watching the next game.

I had many adventures those were just my first. My next adventure was going to my first card show. I loved it I did pretty good I did my first trade there! I traded an $5 unknown player for a $7 prince fielder plank. After that card show I waited a few months and want to another that one was not so good because the wind knocked down all the signs by the road so no one know. After that I had to wait till May 2012 for the next one. That was the best one yet I got 5 autos each $2 next I got free packs of cards. I just can`t wait till the next card show I hope I do as well as the last one.

There is also how I learned about this site. I got at least 20,000 cards from the 80`s-today and I needed to start trading the cards that were worthless to me to make some cards that are valuable to me. I only did one trade as you can see under my name. Type my name in search to find threads I was looking at or threads that I have made. One will not show up however so if you are interested in autos type ‘autos here’. I have two autos I want to trade. One with a jersey and one just with an auto.

What will I do with the cash you might ask I am hoping once I get this entered and get the cash I will save it up for future adventures on SCF or I will see if there is something that I can`t wait to get. I will look for Prince Fielder autos, Lebron James autos maybe,Maybe Kobe Bryant autos, and Oh by the way my real name is First=Kobe Middle=Bryant Last=can`t tell
I got named after Kobe Bryant.

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