View Full Version : Cheatsheet available for autographed baseballs?

06-19-2012, 06:13 PM
Looking for some "newbie" info on autographed baseballs...

Is there a particular brand/type of ball that should be used, new or game used, recommended pen, one signature per baseball, etc.

I live in the Charlotte, NC area and typically take the family to a number of A and AAA games (Kannapolis Intimidators and Charlotte Knights).

I wouldn't be looking to sell any of them...just something for the kids...thought I'd try to do it the "right" way.



06-19-2012, 07:57 PM
Use official major (or minor) league baseballs and blue ballpoint ink pens, do not use sharpies or markers as they will bleed/fade over time. Here is a nice summary of the best pens to use for getting memorabilia signed:


06-19-2012, 10:43 PM
Gotcha. Thanks for linking the article...


NY Sports Teams
06-30-2012, 11:43 PM
If your getting one signature on the ball it's best if it's signed on the sweet spot (ss). I do not have any, but when doing a team ball I believe the ss is reserved for the manager. I would handle the ball as little as possible. Acid in your hands over time will corrode metal. I would imagine the same would hold true for leather. After the ball is signed it should be kept in a uv protected display cube and out of direct sunlight and incandescent light as much as possible. As was stated no sharpies and blue ballpoint pens are best.