View Full Version : Watercade softball tournament begins @ 8am today!!!

07-07-2012, 07:58 AM
Last yr we won the tournament & got $600!!
I believe there were 14 teams.

There's 16-20 teams this yr(not sure of exact number).
A few teams are from out of state!! So we're not certain on their talent!!

We've combined most of NU-Telecom(team in 2nd place in our Tues league)
w/us this wknd. I think there are about 15 on the roster.

Yesterday was 100(heat index of 113)
Right now it's 64!! Highs to reach low 80's & sunny this wknd!!
Perfect weather!!!

Well...time to get ready!!
I'll keep you posted on progress as day goes on!!
Have a great day(I know I will)!!!

UPDATE: 22-team tourney!! 1st place wins $750!!

We play @ 2:00.
3:00 if we lose, 7:00 if we win!!

07-08-2012, 10:07 AM
Well...we won @ 2:00(19-2)
7:00 was a scare, but won 13-12.

We were down 9-2.
Had a guy round 1st on a single only to be thrown out on his way back to the base.
We had a guy thrown out at home.
We intentionally walked a guy w/runner on 2nd & 4-run lead...only to be followed by 3-run blast over left-center.

However, the 2 guys that made the base-running errors made up for it in a HUGE HUGE HUGE fashion!!!

Bases got loaded quickly. A line drive was hit @ 3B. Guys had started to run thinkin' it went thru, but it didn't. So he tagged 3rd & threw to 2nd for a triple-play to finish it!!

We play @ 11:00 this morning.
If we win, we play @ 3:00. If we lose, we play @ 2:00.
Championship's @ 6:00.

07-10-2012, 03:15 AM
We lost 13-8 & 13-12. :mad2:

Too much fun was had afterwards.
Scraped up right arm & upper lip!!