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07-07-2012, 12:45 PM
The new season starts on Thursday. I know there's some BB fans on here, right?!

12 new house guests, plus this:

CBS reveals there will be 4 returning HGs: “In a series first, four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game — for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere.”

Here's the new players:


Looks like Russell Hantz's (from Survivor) brother is on this season.

07-10-2012, 04:31 PM
I'll have to make sure my DVR is set to tape.

07-13-2012, 04:32 PM
Interesting way to play the season. I guess the 'coaches' can't get voted out? Who knows. Either way, cast should be fairly entertaining this year. Pumped that Britney is back....loved her a few seasons ago.

07-13-2012, 04:54 PM
No I don't think they can get voted out but I'm pretty sure that if all of their "players" get voted out they would leave the house. I'm curious where the 4 coaches sleep. Do they get their own VIP room or do they bunk with their players?
I SOOOOO wanted Dr. Will to come back, he is by far my favorite BB player. I could've done without Dan (I think that's his name, the football coach) & Britney, they both just can not ™™™™, lol. I love Janelle, best female competitor! Mike Boogie is kind of growing on me, he seems less douchy since he had his kid.
Russell Hantz' brother looks & talks EXACTLY like him. Idk how he's getting away with denying it, lol.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

07-14-2012, 02:42 PM
Yea...I just have this feeling that they'll let the coaches have the option to actually join the game and play for the 500K within the next couple weeks.

Just seems like the season would go by too fast if there's only 11 players left after the first show?

07-22-2012, 08:57 PM
Willie gets kicked out, so they'll be down to 8 players on Thursday after only the 2nd week? Coaches have to be coming into the game to play, otherwise the season will be over a month sooner lol