View Full Version : Angels stadium IP vs Os

07-07-2012, 02:49 PM
Angels vs Os
Parking lot got rob piccolo 2 cards (for another member)
Mike scoccia 1 card (another member)

Wouldn't let me behind the dugouts so sat I diamond club and tryed the Os.....
I was in my cheese head yelled to jimthome and he signed 1 auto and was for me :) SS

Next it only there for 3 min so thought I'd try Adam jones....just didn't know what he looked like..... So I saw some Balt fans behind home plate and asked who he was warming up. They pointed I said are u sure? And she said yes I'm his mother. Lol so I knew where to go after BP. Sure enough walked rit there so I jumped I had a all star ball and asked under the logo and low n behold.
So I asked my friend to try to get a SS for me.....well he got a sp that is Ft if anyone interested...