View Full Version : WINNER: Show & Tell Contest 4.0!

07-15-2012, 02:49 PM
The Show & Tell Contest has finally come to an end!
I want to take this time to thank everyone for participating, as well as everyone who voted every week!

Without delay.. the winner of this years Show & Tell Contest is................

Drumroll please................

Who finished with 17 points overall!
Second place (it was a close one!) goes to Uhtred.the.viking.. who finished with 15 points.


MrBlackisBack has his choice between these two cards, with the remaining card going to Uhtred.the.viking.

Choose wisely!

2011-12 Panini Crown Royale Heirs To The Throne Prime 6 Taylor Hall 2-color Patch (17/50)
2011-12 Elite Aspirations 219 Adam Henrique /99

Once again, a big thank you to everyone for making this a great contest!

07-16-2012, 07:22 PM
Congratulations on your victory Ryne, a close battle right to the end. Thanks to everybody that entered, and showed us some great cards each week. Also, a huge thank you to Andrea, who kept the whole contest organized.

07-17-2012, 05:18 PM
I thought for sure I was going to get bounced down in the last few weeks. A lot of stiff competition. I doubt I will be so lucky next year. Thank you all for voting and a big thank you to Andrea for running the contest in sickness and health.