View Full Version : Buying CHEAP pre 1980 vintage (please read)

07-15-2012, 06:37 PM
Ok, my newest collecting goal is to amass a single card of every set that was produced from 1900-1980- All base sets, regional issues, inserts, etc

Id like to spend some paypal to start this project off

I dont care who the player is (although Id like to know) but I do need to know the set the player is from

Condition is not a big deal on anything from pre 1975. From 75-80 Id like mint/near mint. However, I wont buy cards that are torn, have writing, or paper loss, or have holes in them

Im not looking for big name players, the cheaper the better- cause some of the old stuff and regional issues will be really expensive down the road

Im doing this for all 4 sports, as well as as many non sport/other sports as I can find.

If you have some common vintage stuff you want to move, shoot me a list (scans are great but not necessary) and a price.