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race crazy
08-03-2012, 11:42 PM
back from vacation-went to all 3 days of racing at Indianpolis (Grandam, Nationwide, Cup) everyone should go at least once the track is awesome and in the morning it feels rather neat (ghosts of indy maybe). Got lots of autos and free stuff haha




Anyways friday was the day to go-we went to the museum first thing which was good because it was empty for the most part-very neat and cool-also ran into Rick Allen and Phil Parsons (the truck announcers) when we were in there and we chatted for a bit-really cool guys.


Once out of the museum we went to the chevy display, sprint display, and basically wandered. We went to the Q and A with Ryan Newman, Paul Menard, and Austin Dillon. I asked Dillon a question which was cool (was he going to put sponsors on his cowboy hats? Answer: yes sponsors want it!) I saw where Menard signed for people afterward and it would help me for later. Went and met Miss Sprint Cup Kristen (who liked my honey badger shirt! haha) and then off to the 2nd Q and A-Kahne, Harvick, Danica, Dale Jr, Jeff Gordon, and Jeff Burton) was fun but i positioned myself correctly afterwards if any of the drivers would sign for a few-Dale Jr and Gordon did and i got Dale Jrs auto on my program-fans were going nutso-i got lucky haha-but there werent too many people who knew where to be). On way back saw Sam Bass signing posters and i got one personalized for free which was awesome!!! walked back through garage (got about ran over by dillon and menard in their golf carts) then to pit walk-which was awesome-got to be all around the grandam cars and close to the drivers-most werent signing except for Jordan Taylor and Bill Lester who were cool. Did that then went up to stands-could go wherever we wanted-it rained a few times-made Grand Am race interesting-most stuff happened in the infield except when the 01 wrecked the camaro on the front straight. Montoya drove like a dope.





Saturday got there super early and decided we really didnt need to go adventure much-too much walkin-went to stands and watched practice, qualifying, and stuff before NNS. 99 car drove it further into one than anyone but the 48 and 11 rolled the center amazingly from where i was sitting. Anyways NNS race started-Danica wrecked Sorenson and herself RIGHT in front of us-pretty funny-i watched them for a while could tell she was gettin impatient-big oops. Had a mouthy Kyle Busch fan talkin junk all race next to us too-pretty funny-then he spun out and everyone cheered LOL. too dang funny to be a part of that. Keselowski won-Sadler got robbed-at least from where i was sittin.


went to merch hauler first thing, then over to raceday stage-saw kenny and them but too early for show. We had to go to tweetup instead which was awesome-Leonard Wood, Trevor Bayne, and David Ragan all showed up along with the media and a few people i knew from twitter-awesome time and everyone was super cool-i photobombed len and trevor-got all of their autographs on my ticket-took pics with everyone-amazing!!!




Ashton, Trevors GF


Then went up to seats for race-in shade thank goodness-too hot! There was great racing in the pack-espn didnt show much of it. the 21, 31, 20, and that group was crazy all race. 48 dominated bigtime-24 only one who could keep up messed up the pit stop. the 20 and 17 thing was interesting-saw beginning of it and kenseth in flames haha. Anyways 48 won-boo. was listening to Carl and Kurt BUsch on scanner all race though which made it wayyyy better (Kurt had a meltdown Carl was bored after his problems-talked about going to the zoo LOL) ANyways it was a great great weekend one ill never forget-sorry for long read!

race crazy
08-03-2012, 11:48 PM
a few more pics...









my Sam Bass peronalized Poster-already in frame in my room-its too cool!!!


08-04-2012, 10:27 AM
nice i had a blast too! my bucket is below, there area pics from when i was there


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sweet, your camera takes great pics

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Sweet stuff Stephen , Indy's on the bucket list and i'll make it one day . Every race fan should try and make to that track .

08-04-2012, 11:02 PM
Sounds like you had an AWESOME time Stephen!! Thanks for sharin with us Buddy!!

08-05-2012, 03:18 PM
Looks like you had a great time.