View Full Version : 92-93 UD McDonalds Set (1-50)

02-01-2006, 12:53 AM
I never really collected basketball, but I have this set in my collection and don't know the BV. Can anyone help - I have a baseball on-line subscription, but not basketball? I saw one for sale on the bay for $10, but I'd rather trade it and get a BV along with it so I know what to ask for in return.

It has a Shaq RC pluse 7 others like Gugliotta, Weatherspoon, Day, W. Williams, Ellis, Laettner, Mourning. Plus stars like K. Malone, D. Robinson, Ewing, R. Miller, Olajuwon, I. Thomas, Mutombo, Jordan, McHale, Dominique.

Thanks for any help,